Tuesday, April 25, 2017

attack of the fleas !!!....

The fleas have been terrible everywhere !!!...yikes.....just everywhere, outdoors, I found two on my feet...I have to bathe and bathe my dog and cats....I have tried all the flea / tick shampoos...they work well, but three days later they are itching, scratching, won't rest, and are being harassed...oh, it is awful !!!.....They must be getting into the house under the doors...

I know they have to be bathed at least once a week !!!.  Pumpkin cat hates to take baths....lol...we have arguments about taking his flea / tick baths !....he likes to run and hide under the bed....oh well...

These flea / tick shampoos I use on the cats and Goofball dog:they also, some of these brands have the flea / tick collars....These at Wal-Mart, some dollar stores, pet stores have many brands, Petco, Petsense, PetsMart...I look there also...

Shampoos ---

Happy Jack

There are treatments for interior + exterior the home, many times fleas are interior in rooms, because of pets...I know I have found some interior of the floor....bad, bad, bad !!!

I take a gallon sprayer, and use handheld sprayer purchased from Wal-Mart or home and garden stores, mix the chemical with water, spray exterior of my home, very low near base of home, all over the exterior base / edges of my home...wear mask and gloves to spray....never spray pets with this !!!..only give pets flea / tick baths !!!...very important, serious !

I also have other nasty bugs I am finding and have found in the house for many years....icky gross !....bugs that are hazardous often, such as:

Brown recluse spider
Water spider
Black shell bugs....oooh gross !
Moths.. very tiny...puke !

Ticks i find outdoors...nasty !

These may require exterior sprayer with chemical....other chemical powders as Hi -- Yield, and Seven, granules, and the cans of Raid, can be sprayed exterior the home at the base / edges...oh, everybody needs help with these gross bugs !

Red wasps + yellow jackets, mud dobber, I am allergic to, and when stung, my skin swells into a welp/ knot...yikes !...I have to help spray their nests with Raid cans, to rid those meanies !...they fly down at me all the time !...I do not like them !

I know bed bugs are in many homes, caused from travel...I have never had those at home before, but they are icky gross also....there are treatments for those idiot bugs too !

Louse, I have never had anywhere, but they can be found in many areas, people and animals can be afflicted...RidX can rid those with shampoos for humans, animals need other treatments, cattle can also be afflicted with biting lice terrible...!!! They need help, when this happens...

People and animals of all kinds can be afflicted also with intestinal worms, and these stupid worms need to be treated..and gone for good !....nastiness..

All of these bugs are worthless, and need to vanish !!!...and leave me alone !...they need to defect the fleas, ticks, and all dangerous nasty bugs all over the world....end !!!

This causes me to be itchy all over and I keep thinking that fleas are biting me !....lol...


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