Monday, April 10, 2017

cowboy hats, and other....

Kept cool last night with the ceiling fan on low....summer will be here soon !...yikes !

I have a few items I found in my clothing storage box for summer.

-- straw cowboy hats, I enjoy wearing cowboy hats during summer, they are nice decorated with sparkles, beads, flower bands...Very pretty, shield from Sun, keep me cooler....that's for us females all ages...wear to lake, beach, leisure activity...nice...

I think men look nice wearing straw cowboy hats....just not with all the sparkles and pretties !.....haha..

-- breathable mesh shoes are very nice for summer wearing along with the other different types of shoes I mentioned the other day....Sketchers has a nice pair for all to enjoy...others at Wal-Mart, other stores...

That's clothing.

This is just random, things I have purchased recently, or am looking for....some in local stores, or online.

-- candies
Cup o Gold
Goo Goo clusters -- all
Mallo Cup
Nut Roll bar
Peanut bar, by Lance, Planters

Beautiful pastel Solo cups, for easter found at Wal-Mart.

Easter Pez, all...found most everywhere.

Serta brand, cool slumber gel pillows, nice for summer, cooler when fans are on them....nice....Wal-Mart $ 11 . 00 / pillow

-- hair adornments

Goody brand --

hair bands, 
hair Bobby pins - I pin my hair up away often from face.
hair flowers,
headbands -- all kinds

I like to adorn my hair with items to decorate with...

Sparkles, glittery items, all fun, beautiful !!!

Sparkled, glittery flower hair pins I enjoy to wear in my means nothing ! it is never nasty to adorn your hair with flowers, I use false flowers, with sparkles, glitters, colorful, all hues, very nice ! Fun to wear in your hair...

Adorning your hair with a flower means nothing !!!...

All females, all ages can enjoy the hair adornments, very pretty and nice...I know that I like these !

All the trash talking about flowers in your hair meaning something nasty, is b.s., hooey -- phooey !!!

Wear them, have fun with adornments.


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