Sunday, April 30, 2017

life lessons...

I think that we learn something from everyone we meet, in can be good or bad...but still we are learning lessons about how life is....

How to live, hurt, physically or emotionally, how to survive, how to be tough !....Many things we learn, good, and bad.

Sometimes I just know things happen to teach us about life, break our hearts, to make us wiser, stronger, the tests and trials of life ...we all go through them.

I think that our lives are all prepared by The Lord above, we are all given free will, whichever you choose, good or bad is your choice, and we know choosing evil / bad is always wrong ! choose wrong / evil / corrupt, The Lord will ruin / take your life, that's just how life is, The Lord is our creator... choose good choices !

All those bad days, nasty evil people, set backs, upsets, troubles, and the terrible pain, we have to encounter in life, those only cause us to be much wiser,  stronger + prepared for life ! This has caused me to be stronger !...we have to be strong / tough to survive life, always...never give up ! fight back to stop all the evil that has hurt you...everywhere, all over the world...

Broken hearts ?.....can't have a broken heart ever again once it has been broken already right ? I know that once you have had your heart broken, it doesn't hurt anymore when others try to break it again, and just laugh and go on...ready for that already.....very strong, can't break my heart anymore, because I don't care.....haha...

Can't be hit with a fist and fall down crying, give up, once you have already been hit before, you get right back up and keep going, always leave ! show them what you are made of...already strong !...they get what they deserve, The Lord will ruin them...

Whenever terrible things happen to us, we must not let these upsetting events, cause us to give up, change to evil...Never let what may have happened to you in life, ruin your mind ! We must strive to overcome all evil, upsets, abuse, ridicule, nastiness, fight back always with goodness, just laugh and take them down that are corrupt, abusive, evil...ridicule them !....haha...

Always try to be a good person despite all the pain, abuse, corrupt, evil that has hurt you, many people are still bringing goodness, even though they have been terribly hurt by nasty others, be courageous, strong willed, fight back to end all nastiness, nasty others who may have hurt you !!! Never turn for the evil !

Never worship any of these :

people of power, 
sexual ways

Anyone who worships these, The Lord will take you down, ruin your life, end happens all the time, I see it everyday almost, newspapers, on local tv news, or people I have known....those who don't worship right will be ended...

Prayer, repent of sins, be very serious, very important to know, attend church, be baptized, time for everyone to create good changes in their lives !


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