Saturday, April 1, 2017


Spring season always reminds me of certain animals....the lamb is one of them....

Lambs are very docile, sweet, cute....they are wonderful pals, to have as pets !

They need to have shelter, water, and room to them a bath is also needed...every few weeks...

I know that terrible nasty things have happened to many of them, by sick weirdo creepers...evil ! They need to be severely punished, gone from the earth for this sick evil !

I cry about the abuse, neglect, they have suffered, many of them need forever homes....

They are very gentle, wonderful pet for those who are of goodness !

People who ingest them for food ? Very disturbing, sickens me, I wish for that to stop !!!

They are great friends / family...take good care, adore them !

Sheep are wonderful for wool, they are the same ! Wool is good to use, keep sheep clean..shear, clean well....take wonderful care of them ! Shelter is needed, as is shearing the wool, they will be too warm in hot weather.

When shearing, collect wool in bucket, clean many times, small amount of bleach, then go ahead and tend to spinning, dyeing the sanitary always.

Lambs are very sweet to think of during spring + easter time, I enjoy the lamb plush animals, and small statues...very nice !....

I wish for a few as pets.


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