Saturday, April 15, 2017

taking good care....

We all need to be responsible.

Show respect !

Love and care for our everything.

Friends, family, pets, all who we love:

Show support, when needed
Show you care.
Call them, ask how they are, see if ok
In times of illness, upset, show strength for them
Check - in on them, make visitation to home.
If they need any help, help them.
Keep all whom you love safe from danger
Send cards, write letters, greet them
Remember birthdays, special events in their lives
Keep everyone, everything safe, always try !
If you appreciate something nice, tell them thank you!
When you love someone tell them ! I love you.
Give hugs to those you care for, comfort them.
Help keep everything / everyone clean and sanitary.
Never be vulgar, never talk nasty...gross..embarrassing.
Always be good, nice behavior...have manners
Wish for everyone to be proud of you, never cause evil.
Stay away from bad corrupt people, keep everyone safe.
If you cause mess, clean it up !
Work to keep goodness here, and evil / corruption away.

Remember what messes, nastiness, or corruption you take part in will help to cause harm to everything you love ! You cause danger to those you love when you take part in corruption, you can destroy everything wonderful in seconds...and you will lose everything, everyone you adore.....

so stay away from evil, bad, nastiness ! Strive to only bring goodness...this is caring, this is respect.


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