Tuesday, December 1, 2015

storm clean-up, Christmas shopping.....

I was able to go to town yesterday for a few things I needed since the icy storm has passed..I cleaned up my property by removing all the fallen tree branches that have been destroyed by the icicles/freezing rain and I placed them in the trash....

I also had time to place my Nativity scene set tabletop decoration up on the table near the window so it sparkles in the sunshine..I like to look at that and remember what Christmas is really about!

I have been watching all the Christmas clay mation and the regular cartoons on tv this week when I see them on tv...always have liked these!

 anyway, yesterday in the store I saw:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer gummy candy---I had to get these!...Haha!

Christmas Candles--I burned a few candles while my power was out so I purchased a few more..They're holiday candles for Christmas, 1 is battery powered and holiday themed, the other is just a regular candle you can burn, I like the way candles flicker and the amount of light they produce is calming....using real candles you have to watch them always so they will not catch your home on fire!!! battery powered is good!

Christmas Cups and Mugs---I like collecting holiday mugs and they have many for purchase.
Pajama sets(longer pants/fuzzy soft comfortable)---I like these just for $11..Make great gifs!
Dish towel sets---They have these fairly inexpensive, Christmas or plain---I like these.
Christmas Storage jars---These are cute for storing candies or smaller items.
Pecan rolls?---I have been looking for a candy that is a pecan roll..I can't find that one!
Christmas Cookie sets---I like making Christmas cookies, I like the cookie cutters, and cooking sets.
Butter Cookies---I like these and I like Royal Dansk Butter cookies in the tins!
Old Fashioned Candies---many people like the ribbon candies and the older style candies. very colorful!
Boxed Chocolates---I like chocolates in the boxes and they are very nice to gift and wrap.
Nail Clippers/Manicure sets--these are nice to gift as everyone needs to take care of your nails and keep them clean and trimmed!
Shave sets---I know that men and women need to stay well groomed and shave.There are many items that can help with grooming and keep you looking nice! I think the shave sets are very nice.The old fashioned Dopp kits for men and the women can use Depilatory creams, shave gels, razors...I know men can use these as well!

Many times you can make baskets or sacks that have Hygiene items in them you gather and gift to others at homes, shelters and that is a nice thing for those in the shelters they always need those as many others need them.

One hygiene item that i have thought of that I like to use is the Hygiene Cleansing Wipes! Haha!---These are very nice to have to clean yourself with in the toiletry aisle...use instead of paper!..They work much better and are cleaner!....just pat your rear end dry with toilet paper afterward and you are gonna be ok!.Haha!..I know how funny that is to talk about on a blog but everyone has to use something and I like these!....LOL! they work! I don't know if they would use these at the shelters though!

hand lotions, toothpastes, tooth brushes, Listerine, soaps, deodorants, colognes/perfumes, socks, hats, gloves, coats, warm clothing items, blankets, shoes, any bedding you can donate, and donating food/water also..pre packaged meats in cans, snacks...many items like that...

I need to go shopping and I wish to travel to Oklahoma City soon for some shopping.I really enjoy CowTown and their western wear clothing shopping there, That is where the Stockyards are(been going there for years) and I like the Cattlemen's Steakhouse...I like their salad dressing and their menus!...lol

Macy's---I like everything!
Kohl's---I like it all.
Sears--great for many home items and tools to purchase and gift.
Lane Bryant--I like the clothes in this store for us women and girls! I have trouble finding the right sizes in most stores,..it fits here, it doesn't fit there, and I have an hourglass shape and my waist is tiny when I am in very good shape..It is tough to find the clothing that is right for my shape.Some things fit, some don't on the bottom half, or the top half..too big or too little..they also have tough to find clothing for Tall sizes....I know those tall girls appreciate that!..pretty clothes! just save your money....they have many sizes.
Big Lots!---I like this store for bargains on gifts and decorations.
Tuesday Morning--- I enjoy this store for decorating and other home items--affordable and expensive.
Pier1----this is nice for home items...save your money
Home Depot---find all kinds of building supplies and home repair supplies, tools
Lowe's---another store for home repairs and home supplies...

Gift certificates and Vouchers to many businesses/stores can be nice gifts to give as well.

Christmas gifting can be difficult when you have no money or idea what to purchase for someone...I have saved money back most the year to be able to afford things for Christmas..it won't be much but I have enough to afford to purchase a few gifts when I know others are gifting me gifts...I gift back!...

shopping can be stressful in crowded stores/malls and I know that it is time consuming for some, but enjoy shopping and remember you can leave the store if you want!...LOL!


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