Saturday, February 13, 2016

disgusting things on the internet....icky!

I like having the ability to go online and find helpful information and learn about all things, BUT I find it very disturbing and upsetting when I am typing in an animal and something upsetting, disgusting, nasty, shows up in an image or a link about animals....weirdo animal abusers!!!

and then there's all those nasty websites those nasty girls from my hometown have all been chatting on and meeting people to do nasty things with!...icky! they all kept on talking about meeting people online and going to their homes and sleeping with them!...they didn't even know those people! they're stupid for taking part in that! dangerous....those girls are all nasty!....

i just think that this kind of behavior they have all been taking part in online is disgusting, and those nasty images and online videos that are creepy weirdo like those, need to be taken down, it's upsetting when you see something like that online when you are just looking online at informative websites about nothing nasty, and then something gag nasty and upsetting shows up on the page instead!!!....

there has to be a way to take down that upsetting weirdo stuff off the internet, all kinds of sick abuse and nasty filth online and things all these nasty creeps have all been apart of all over the world!...there's no need for that crap online!.....

all kinds of disgusting nasty pornography needs to be gone from this world, that crap belongs in a trash bin!, just disgusting things i have heard all these nasty women talk makes me vomit! i know that there are types of videos for couples and they're for them, BUT this nasty pornography crap is just disgusting/upsetting with millions of people sleeping together at once, animal abuse(i cry over this!) and people being sexually abused, along with children! is a disgusting nasty business when all those things go on with people anywhere! and they make money off of it!....evil....they all need to be gone from the earth and take their nasty online crap with them!

that upsetting stuff should not be allowed to go makes people think about nasty things all the time when it is constantly right out there for people to see all the time....everything is too sexual all the time with everything.....i wish that life could be more innocent instead of nastiness with people all the time, that's all these idiots near here have ever done is sleep around with anyone/everything and constantly think about sex and take stupid worthless drugs!!!...upsetting!..i am sick of it!!!!!!

These people near here are so weirdo, nasty, and boring!..there's more to life than all that nastiness! go out and help the world or work toward something good!, make a good difference in the world, don't support or take part in that disgusting nastiness like those weirdos!


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