Thursday, February 4, 2016


Family members involved in car wreck yesterday.

They are ok, I had to hurry to go and pick them up where the wreck occurred...I was so upset, nervous and stressed!...if it's not one bad upset, it's another some days...sadness!

The woman that was driving the other vehicle is the one who caused the wreck, she was an older woman and hoidy-toidy...big diamonds on every finger, overly dressed..*eyeroll* she seemed to be over medicated and they said she tried to leave the scene of the accident then stopped off down the road and drove back...hmm....she drove back and exchanged car insurance information with them, that car insurance is something we all have to have! along with driver's license...very important.

People need to know how dangerous it is to drive on the highways with all these idiots jacked up on drugs/pills/alcohol, because they cause many fatalities on the highways/roads/ is a very serious situation and many people die in vehicle wrecks everyday...

A person needs only to be driving when sober and not jacked up on something!....these people are idiots that drive like that!...My family members are very thankful to be alive, thanks to God for saving their lives...I cried and cried yesterday...I have been through so much stress my whole life with terrible occurrences, idiot people in my life, and there has been a lot of sadness with many things...

I think the only reason I can get up and keep going every morning is because I have learned to be much tougher because of these evil, annoying, idiotic people making me angry as hell, bad occurrences caused from those jacked up/messed up people who have been near here all my life....I just keep fighting all this because I have to!

I am thankful to God that no one was hurt in the wreck, BUT I also know that I am sick of these messed up idiots!!!


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