Friday, February 5, 2016

western wear.......western wear stores....

I'm happy in a pair of jeans for $10 and a t-shirt for $5....haha...I'm not picky or choosy at all about clothing, I don't care about all the fuss over fashion designer labels, who cares!....I admire any clothing that is regional, southwest, American cowboy/cowgirl, with a Spanish influence....southwest colors....and affordable.

I also like any clothing/jewelry to wear and purchase that is handmade by the Native American tribes and is authentic/not fake....I like anything that is authentic and when purchased helps all of the tribes, they have their own unique designs, ideas, and beautiful....everyone should check them out.!

I like to look in the western magazines and look at the clothing ads that are southwest inspired and regional, some of the clothing/wear in these magazines are too expensive, but I still like to look at them and daydream!....haha....

here are a few that I like to daydream about...just for

Double D Ranch Wear
American West
Pinto Ranch
Gypsy Soule
Rusty Spur Couture
Marrika Nakk Cowgirls
Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans
Ranch at the Rim
Cruel Girl
CowgirlTuff Jeans
Rawhide Western Culture
Montana Silversmiths
R Cinco Ranch
Cowgirls and Diamonds
Cripple Creek
Cowgirl Up
Miss Me Jeans
Red Chapter Clothing Company
Double J Saddlery--I like the purses and saddles..pretty!

I like the western stores---Langston's, Sheplers, Tener's, Boot Barn, Cavender's or any local western wear store is fine with me, I know that there are also western discount stores that have good sales/better prices and are more affordable...I'm not picky about anything, I don't care!...if it's on sale it's good for me, if I like it!...


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