Thursday, February 18, 2016

music at home....and local music...

Music, singing, playing music, reading sheet music, learning songs, has always been very therapeutic for me...When I am stressed, or have any upsets, maybe I am happy at times, I just have to always be listening to music at the moment or I need to get lost in music to get away from how I am feeling right then....or whatever I may be going has always been there to help me.

I believe that everyone needs to be involved in music in some way by singing, playing instruments, learning to understand music or also writing songs, having a band, or just singing with friends when you have extra time......singing karaoke is also fun and a good way to forget your worries, and laugh/ have fun! listening to the radio when you are working on things and have access to the radio, well, turn it on! sing along!

I have always been so intrigued by people who are able to have a band of their own and make it work locally, you just sing and play in your band because you LOVE music!...these local bands that play at clubs, festivals, venues they just get out there and sing/play because they love music and to perform for others.....that's why I like local bands/musicians because they are always available in the area to go listen to and watch.....we need more of them locally...

I like to sing a lot and everyone says that I can sing very well and I appreciate that, I guess I'm ok as a singer!.....haha!...I like to be creative and sing at all's more fun with friends there to sing/play music with you...

One thing that I have always wanted to have on my property is my own personal space!---a music building!...I'd give anything to have a nice sound proof building with acoustics and plenty of room for me and my friends who are singers and musicians to just play music in this building and sing there too!...maybe even have a medium sized stage there with all the equipment to get things going with the music/singing.....microphones, amplifiers, etc... all the equipment and instruments would be a good way to socialize with friends and just de-stress!....just a creative space for music and performing.....and in the building--- a kitchenette/rest what a dream!....also plenty of

oh well, dream on Julie!..... :(

I love music.

music is great.

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