Friday, February 26, 2016

early easter basket prep.....

I know that Easter is a month away...But many churches and organizations are already creating the Easter baskets now so they will be able to gift them in a few weeks...In stores now they have the Easter baskets already together....I like looking at them in the stores...

this is just for fun, I was thinking about preparing the baskets for Easter..

When creating an Easter basket to gift to anyone you should include Easter themed gifts and also throw in Christian themed gifts...make it bright pastels colorful!.....For children you can place anything from the Oriental Trading catalog, and other inexpensive Easter items from stores and also anything Christian too....

I think all children should be attending church service/Sunday school early on in life to start your life with God/Jesus(to know them) it is a good start to begin your life---the right and good already have the right path to follow, and know how God wants us all to be in life for him.....

It helped me as a child and now as an adult to attend church/sunday school early....being taught to be a good person, learn to be just like Jesus! a very kind person, and learn to care about others and the world, to want to make it a better place for everyone....rid the world of all evil.

many times you can find nice Christian items at the Christian stores for the baskets.

Easter baskets can be themed or personalized for individuals, just whatever you wish to gift! baskets for girls/boys/men/women....i always like any plush animal that is pastel colorful for Easter in mine!

I like the idea of gifting adults Easter Baskets because even though we are adults we all deserve an Easter Basket too!

I would include in an adult Easter Basket---whimsical smaller gifts in bright pastels, something with Bunnies, baby Chickens, Caterpillars, Ducks, Bluebirds, Flowers, Frogs, Lambs, anything Spring, and always something Christian.....something fun, colorful, and something nice...

ANY of these i think are nice to place in the baskets for adults--have fun!

ooey gooey gel easter eggs
small word search books
small coloring books with small pack color pencils or crayons(i like them!

small activity books(even if they are for kids they are still fun to work!)

Easter or Christian pens and pencils
gel slappy sticky characters
Bible and Book mark
small notepad
nail cross necklaces (for Jesus) or plain cross.
bubbles--i like bubbles still fun!

worry stones--engraved with a cross, you get worried or you have addictions you rub these between your thumb and first finger, think about God and Christ and it helps you to stop worrying or stop wanting your addiction...

Bible verse gold tone coins---place these in your pocket and always have Christianity with you.(just don't lose them!)

Bible Verse Cards---place them in your wallet and always read them when worried, scared, upset, or feeling defeated.

mini lights to carry with you
Christian keychains
wooden crosses
stress balls
chewing gum/bubble gum
address books--for good friends numbers/addresses

my favorite easter candies are:

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and Bunnies
Cadbury Mini Candy Coated Eggs
Cadbury Easter Eggs--all kinds!..i like the foil wrapping, they are ooey gooey and good!
Whoppers Easter Robin Eggs
Mighty Malts easter eggs
Any Chocolate Easter Bunny--creative and cute..i like Russell Stover and Palmer
Any Easter Gummies
Hershey's Pastel foiled kisses
M&M's--pastels colorful for Easter
or just any colorful printed foiled easter chocolates.

this was fun thinking about these easter baskets and



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