Friday, February 19, 2016

livestock sale barns....

I have been to many livestock sales for years, even when I was a child I was going to the livestock sales.

One thing I have always noticed is that when you have way too many cattle crowding a large pen, you need to always have plenty of shade, enough water/feed troughs, and extra pen room for the cattle to all be rested and nourished before the sale....Sales can last all into the late hours of the evening and the cattle get tired and weary before they are sold....

Too many local sale barns are in poor shape and are neglected, and when they don't have any shade for the large pens that is terrible!....

When you go into the sale barn seated area to watch the sales, there NEVER is enough room to be seated there indoors, and it is always too nasty stinky dirty to even watch a sale indoors, and then they have concession in another room and serve the refreshments there at your seats with all the dust flying!....haha!...I've been to these sales for years and I sometimes would rather set outside and enjoy a Coke and nachos and watch the cattle sale than ingest dirt and stink....

I know I sound whiny about it all, and it is just a damn cattle sale, that's how those are, but when you have asthma and you are trying to watch your animals be sold, you want to be comfortable, especially when you are kind of nervous already from loading your animals at home into the trailers, and driving them to the sale safely and properly....most people get very nervous about it! 

you always have to make sure you trailer doors are all latched right!!!....I have seen so many sad things happen, and you need good flooring in the bottom of your trailers that are solid with no holes, baby calves can be injured terribly when their feet go through the bottom, I have seen so much sadness when others have been jacked up bad and hauling cattle!....oh it makes me upset and angry at those idiot people!

another thing that I don't like is that when you are at a cattle sale and there are messed up hillbillies yelling at the livestock in the sale room pen, and throwing ice and paper cups into the pen at the animals!...It is stupidity, abusive, and ignorant!!...I hate these hillbillies...It is very cruel to the already stressed out animals in the sale room pen...sick of this behavior from others! they are rude and disgusting people! very inhumane.

concessions need to be clean and evaluated, they need good clean workers working on sale days.

office help needs work, those women behave stupidly and talk nasty, they're not good people, some of them that are older are very nice, and helpful....they're not all that way, BUT most of them are disgusting and I don't like them handling any money or information when they know hillbilly relatives too well....they need to all be good people working these offices as well, so there are no bad events taking place in the offices....we need good trustworthy people...working everything!

I just have seen too much neglect and nastiness at these sale barns and I don't think we need bad people ruining things or abusing animals all the time in the pens either..they need more padded nudging sticks and do not need to be constantly yelling at the animals!...they just yell and yell at them, these people are all messed up on something, I can see that....makes me upset and very angry!

sale barns need to be monitored, need security cameras in the parking lots, and they need to be constantly watched and evaluated, they just need a ton of work, too many bad people at these and there's always theft, fights, or something nasty going on.....I have had to attend these alone before and it is upsetting...

I am tough, but I get sick of this crap at the sale barns, they need to step it up and make things work right, behave properly and hire people who want to make things work right and people who know how to behave nicely....sick of hillbillies all the time ruining things..


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