Thursday, February 25, 2016

old, abandoned, oil / gas wells....

Oil field production many years before that has not been properly capped off and removed is a very dangerous situation and site...I know that here on my family's land there is an old abandoned site and the wells are not capped off they are strong iron pipes that go many feet down into the ground.....

Whenever I have walked up near the uncapped wells it sounds like it is under a lot of pressure and is hissing and percolating!!!...It is water or something down in the piping and their is no is spooky! the way it boiling hot water down there!

I see these old abandoned oil/gas pipes in many fields in this area and I know that they probably have not been capped off properly either!...My family has always told me to stay away from that old well and they said it is dangerous and could cave in down into the ground....

I just wonder why the oil companies were never responsible and environmentally safe thinking to take the time to cap these old wells off???!....I know they have seismographed our land in the last 12 years or so, and I am very interested in seismography and geology...I found that fascinating how it all works with oil companies and gas companies.....but they need to be more responsible and environmentally is also a health hazard and hazardous to the environments, they should all get their butts out there and clean up their messes! or get that oil/gas outta there!

I know of many oil/gas companies here in Oklahoma ones that I know of are:
Helmerich and Payne
Kirkpatrick Oil
Gates Oil and Gas
Mustang Fuel Corp
Chaparall energy
Marathon Oil
Steagall Oil
Oklahoma Natural Gas
CenterPoint Energy

anyways, I just think that since Oklahoma has so many oil/gas wells that are abandoned and not capped off they need to be tended to or re-opened for exploration to get that gas/oil out of those areas, If they are not gonna take the time to be responsible and environmentally safe and care about their work, why not go out to these abandoned fields and just start all over again, that old piping is still in the ground way down there, and it could help with jobs for people, and it could help the state's economy again.....we can drill here too.

but who knows!?.....I'm just tired of crap like that just junked down in the ground and you always have to be safe and remember that oil/gas field equipment/junk is down there on your land!....It is percolating and boiling something crazy there...not capped think you could boil something down that piping the way it sounds...whatever is down there needs to be capped off or put to good use....

environmentally safe and responsible gas/oil companies need to be working, we don't need idiots who don't give a care and tear everything up and sling crap around everywhere and leave....


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