Sunday, February 28, 2016

homemade noon sunday meal.......

Went to Oklahoma City yesterday with family...We went to lunch at a nearby BBQ restaurant called Swadley''s BBQ is way better!...I always like to purchase a loaded baked potato with brisket on it too...I like BBQ.

I also purchased a few sets of Easter stickers at another!...

anyways, thinking about preparing sunday noon meal today...I am going to be making a meal my Grandma makes often..sometimes she uses pork chops in place of the chicken....I just don't like pork chops, and they take a long time to cook!...I prefer the chicken...

4 thin chicken breasts---with excess removed...fat and etc...I like to prepare thin chicken breasts fried..not cooked in oven for this meal..much easier, quicker, and better I think..

5 medium sized potato--halved
homemade skillet gravy OR 2-3 cans of mushroom soup prepared..and poured onto top of cooked chicken/potatoes placed in crockpot.

Thaw/wash with only water chicken breasts in a bowl, after they thaw place on board and tenderize with meat mallet or fork..i like to place plastic wrap over the chicken breasts so when I tenderize them, no water/chicken pieces fly everywhere!...haha!..always check for plastic wrap pieces

after tenderizing chicken breasts, place on a clean plate, roll them in salted/peppered sifted flour to cover them..After that I pour some canola oil in a frying skillet heat setting 5, pour oil-- enough to fry the chicken breasts..well done browned good....I place them on a plate with paper towels to soak up the excess them aside for now.

next I make skillet gravy after washing the frying skillet.

recipe for skillet gravy--remember gravy is time consuming and may take some practice! or you can use 2-3 cans of mushroom soup poured onto the top of this...easier.

4T canola oil(or any oil)
4T Flour--(no more flour than oil)
2 c. milk

Pour canola oil and flour(sifted) in frying skillet on setting 3 or low-med setting....Stir with spoon, the flour and oil until flour is brown....Take off of burner. Add 2 cups of milk a little at a time while stirring with a whisk..Place back on burner setting 3 or med..Stir until it thickens, salt and pepper to however you the gravy and chicken breasts together in crockpot on low level heat to keep warm or pour them into another pan on low level heat to keep warm...

last preparation is 5 halved potatoes them in microwave safe dish and turn the microwave on high for 7-8 minutes until they are cooked..(this is quicker/easier than oven cooking) when they are tender to a fork remove potatoes from microwave and place potato halves in crockpot or pan that has chicken and gravy warming still....then you are done!

I like to serve this with prepared  broccoli or green beans, and a salad with dressing...


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