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It's sunday another very long church related blog posting!

The church should have it's doors open to all people. Every church on the earth belongs to God, they are God's houses. The church is there for  everyone to attend, and we all need to be active in the church we choose to attend, be vocal, be outgoing, voice our ideas and opinions on all things there.

Many times there are Adults in the church who wish to participate in many areas of activity and that is why we have Adult Church Groups for men/women--It can be men/women together, OR it can be separate Men's Group or Women's Group...Bring your spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend/couple with you!The Adult Church Group Meetings need to be fun and a great way  for the Adults who attend church to meet, chat, work on organizing and using everyone's ideas, opinions to create goodness for the local community and for the church....We all need to be respectful, understand one another, and learn to work together for The Lord, no fighting please! It's God's House! Everyone's opinions/ideas count!

When you decide to join the Adult Church Group, they often meet on sunday evenings sometime hours after church has ended for the day, AND they will meet often on Wednesday evenings late after choir practice and Bible Study....Childcare can be provided by a trustworthy evaluated person to watch the children there at the church in soundproof room, while parents have Church Meetings...

Often in life, people can make stupid mistakes and need extra guidance with a licensed pastor for counseling and that way you keep God in your life at all times, to help battle your addictions.THESE special group meetings can take place at the church in the late hours for counseling.Many times people suffer addiction/abuse and need to be apart of a Church Sobriety Group with others battling addiction..Confidentiality Papers need to be signed and a sign needs to be placed outside the church doors saying:" Special Meeting" these can take place very late evening at night...AA Meetings, Drug Abuse/Rehab Programs those types of Meetings for Adults are needed, and THEN the Pastor can also offer counseling for Marital Counseling, Grief Counseling, and Individual Counseling for those who just may need to talk with a pastor about upsets and have the pastor pray with them....this should all be confidential and have the paperwork signed and it needs to be offered at all churches on certain nights....with a honest, reliable, licensed pastor...who is respectful...These need to be there for Teens and Adults who are going through tough times and offered for families.

Community Projects
Good Causes
Donate time to help with projects that need help
Participation in community events
Fundraisers for Church events
Missionary Work
Meals on Wheels
Donate time/and or money to animal out! have fundraisers! pet events.
Plan Seasonal Church Gatherings/Parties
Helping out with activities at church
Scheduling Church Beautification Day, clean flower beds/mow church grounds
Schedule a Prayer Chain with everyone's names and phone numbers
Help with church Christmas parade floats/ideas needed.
Plan Dinner/Supper Clubs-catered.
Plan Fun Recreational Game Nights for after Bible Study every so often....
Plan Prayer Breakfasts catered or someone who can will cook breakfast, schedule it!
Plan Women's Retreats/ or fun spa days
Plan Men's Retreats
Think about a vacation trip for Adults-maybe skiing? or a vacation to the beach sometime.

We all need to have social gatherings in our communities and invite everyone there in town to attend so we can have many more people invited to attend our churches and that way, anyone new to town can get to know the people at the church...Have fun with these events and be friendly, kind, respectful to those who wish to attend the event!
Activities/Events like these are fun:

LADIES GROUP CHRISTIAN TEAS--wear flowered floppy sun hats, dresses, shoes, drink tea, and have, have a Bible Lesson as a whole group..this can be themed in any color theme you agree on..Be creative!...Invite ALL women in the community, Advertise this event, this can help your women's church group to grow. Be friendly, respectful and invite them to join church group/church services/activities on Sundays/Wednesdays!

CHOCOLATE PARTY-- The Men's Group can host a Chocolate Party, and Everyone can attend this event...Have catered Chocolate Fountains, Fondue pots, fruits to drizzle/cover in chocolate with skewers, have all types of chocolates there to try, Chocolate drinks, cookies/desserts all chocolate--catered or pre-purchased before this event takes place---this should all be clean/sanitary and very neat looking, theme the event in brown/blues if you wish. Be creative! Have other refreshments available to drink as well...Have Diabetic Chocolates there for those with Diabetes also, label all the chocolates with labels people can see...Afterward enjoy a Bible Lesson...Invite others to attend your church/group.This is good for men to wear ties to and they can host the event! dress casual.

Adult Costume Contest during Fall parties
Pet Costume Contest/Pet Party throughout the year--cute!
Hosting Community Pet Adoption
Holiday Parties with the Adult Groups helping to plan events
Helping to invite community to join church and attend Bible Study evenings....
handing out Bibles to those in all areas
Women's Health Awareness Event--whatever health topic you choose.
Prayer Breakfast/Unique Dinner Supper Clubs---all catered..Invite the community to attend, and advertise this so you can help your church to grow and others will learn about God and join Bible Study evenings, and church groups....The pastor will attend all events, so those in community will get to know him and the congregation..
Gift flower bouquets to those going through crisis or for Birthdays of those who attend your church,the Adult Church Group can work toward this for everyone..something different!

The Adult groups need to have all information, schedules, and ideas copied and handed out to all Adult Church Group attendees so they will have paper copies of what is going on and taking place with the Adult Church Groups, the pastor will also probably have paper copies of Bible Lessons to lookup and study on that he will give to you when you attend the Bible Study...

Adult Church Groups need to have fun and have fellowship after Bible Study at least once a month.There are many nice ways to get to know one another at the church:
Game Night-Board Games, Bingo--play for church related prizes, Order a pizza or three, chat and have fun! Refreshments need to be provided and the pastor may have other nice ides for the group to all learn with Bible Study events on those fun recreational nights.Usually on Wednesday nights these Fun nights take place..Everyone can throw money in on pizzas/refreshments, prizes for Bingo, and fun seasonal inexpensive church related gifts---like bookmarks, Bibles, Crosses, stationary sets, pencils/pens, stickers, keychains, magnets, for everyone to enjoy...something like that, always fun church themed related.

The adult church groups sometimes will agree to help out with events that need kitchen help..Funerals, Birthday parties for church attendees, Christenings, Baptisms, Weddings, you can always talk about who will help with Refreshments/paper plates, cups, plastic spoons, forks, napkins...keeping cups full of ice/ can help with that in the kitchen...if you wish to or you are asked to help..Donate your time when you can to help out with all church events like these, BUT everyone needs to be helping not just the same ones all the time, IF you can help out, I know many people may have illness/diseases and can't help with some things.

I think ALL churches need ice machines, refrigerators! clean and sanitary!

Often the women's groups or women in the Adult groups like to have all kinds of events planned in their community, that they wish to help with or work on, bring attention to!..They can have events planned/scheduled that are mainly for the women to work on.Ideas that they think need attention like Women's Health Events, Women's Abuse Talks, Helping the Women's Shelters, Fundraisers for attending events for mostly women, or maybe help to raise money for good causes like cancer research projects/awareness, and organize women's prayer nights, and create women's awareness walks.....Something good for fellowship and we all need good trustworthy friends who will be there for each other always there to offer support, talk with and laugh with through the bad times.We all need to be there for one another and women from your church should be good friends always through the good and bad times! We should gather together and be very outgoing to make good things happen in our communities and church Bible studies, Adult Church Women's Groups are a good place to start!

The Adult Church Groups need to write down all the events they have planned/scheduled for the month this needs to all be typed/formed/printed into a monthly church newsletter with colorful inks/plain inks, unique fonts/lettering and designs..clip art is always unique and neato!..I enjoy it....IF you do not have a way to type a newsletter, just handwrite it and copy it onto paper with a copier and ink.These can be handed out at church OR they can be mailed to your mailing address monthly.These may be several pages long stapled together...They should always look nice and unique! I like the old lettering/fonts.This should cover all events/activities planned/scheduled for your group and the church as a whole....A letter from the pastor will probably be included in the newsletter...

Make it fun, be creative, and unique! Send a newsletter to everyone so many, many copies will need to be for each family, or just one for an individual/one for a couple, if you have no family....Adult Church Groups may like to help out with this or designate several adults to create these newsletters one weekend during a month....


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