Wednesday, May 11, 2016

i like hats....

A piece of clothing that I enjoy wearing a lot of would be a hat placed ontop of my head.

I have always worn hats, there are so many styles to choose from...You can find the straw hats closer to summertime and they help to shield your eyes from the sun's rays...That sometimes will help keep you cool....they are good for mowing wearing outdoors in the sun.. 

I wear a cowboy hat while I am working outdoors sometimes and you can wear your cowboy hats to the rodeos in the summer! IN the winter you always wear a felt cowboy hat, straw cowboy hats are for summer...tradition in my family. I have three cowboy hats, a few of them have beads on the band, and embellishments...

There are so many types of hats that are available for purchase..Fedoras look nice on men and women..I have a Fedora it is straw with a black band..just plain.

I have a newsboy hat that is black with pin stripes and a small black bow on the side...everyone says it looks cute on

For summer, I enjoy the grand sizes floppy hats that are straw they are colorful and I only have a black is fun to wear these with pretty much anything during summer..They look very nice and I enjoy wearing that hat! At the stores right now, you can find them everywhere for the pool and beach wear....They go well with most anything!...I'd like to see that old style tradition be brought back with women, looks very nice and lady-like to wear them...wear them with casual clothing...I like to....everyone likes me to wear that hat, they say I look

there are many floppy style straw hats that are extra-grand sized, in all colorful hues, and you can decorate them with false flowers and maybe a ribbon...small or larger might even like to paint them....I think flowered straw floppy hats are very nice!...Hats that you would wear to a Christian Ladies Tea Party!...oh those are fun!

A French style wool beret for winter that I call a (French Painters hat) in black is something I also have purchased years ago...they look nice and I like wearing that one for winter...

Beanie hats look nice on men and women, I don't have a beanie, but they look good!

Baseball caps I have had many of those for years, you support your local baseball teams during summer, or your favorite MLB baseball teams you can purchase one of their hats with their team logo embroidered or printed on it, and women, teens, kids should enjoy these baseball hats, they are so simple and so nice to shield the sun's harsh rays from your eyes and face.....traditional!

SOOOOoOo Many hats to choose from out there!...I just enjoy them all, and they are something different to try wearing with your wardrobe if you want to!

hats are just something I like.


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