Saturday, May 21, 2016

no abuse, no factory farming, no veal, no foie gras !!!.....

Agriculture is always needed for our entire world! It is a necessity of life..

I am against ginormous factory farming and it sickens me that so many animals in these factory farms are terribly abused, hurt, mangled, starved, neglected...IT needs to STOP!..

NO animal should be made to be force fed food to make them fatter to be killed for some snobby big wheel to have them as a meal!!! I have heard all about foie gras, and veal and these are barbaric, inhumane, cruel, upsetting and they need to STOP!....These nasty, cruel, sick minded a*holes need to go! this makes me cry and I am always very upset and angry this is allowed to go on!!!
They force feed down the throats of birds a mixture to make them fatter and they keep them in cages and everyday they force feed these birds, it makes me cry and very upset/angry this has went on in life!!!..they have no way to escape and are force fed this mixture, made to be fatter and then killed!...just innocent little birds! I saw video of this once online and it made me cry and very angry/upset that this is allowed to go on!!!..these sicko people who do this to animals are cruel, sick, weirdos all just so some big wheel snob can have them for a meal!!! needs to STOP!

Veal is a delicacy to barbaric, snobby, nasty big wheels also!..This is sick, upsetting, cruel and creepy..They take baby calves and force feed them also and they have to stay in darkened areas and they are killed in a small amount of time and made to be food on a plate! They have no way to escape, they are innocent little baby calves and they are abused, killed almost instantly! This is so upsetting and sickens me that this is also allowed to go on! it needs to STOP! I cry about this...

and this all goes on in our world!!!..IT needs to STOP..something so sick in our world like this!

NO animal needs to be abused, placed in a cage, force fed, starved, neglected, housed in inhumane, dirty, nasty conditions, over's sick...AND these ginormous factory farms need to end in my opinion because of overcrowding, neglect, abuse, too many animals, no time to care for them all, too many are hurt, mangled, severely neglected and abused.....these factory farms I have heard about for many years and the abuse that goes along with them...look online sometime at what happens to them....Humane individual farming would be better!

All farm animals need the chance to be free to roam and graze in stress-free conditions, have adequate water/food, fresh air, room to breathe and live, good care, no abuse, no harsh conditions....clean conditions are always needed for all animals....NO abuse!!! animal cruelty goes on so much in farming and it upsets me! Step it up farmers and be kind to your livestock, care for them, NEVER abuse or neglect them! be clean, keep them fed and watered...

With so much animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse in the world of animals on the farm, I think that these farming factories/companies NEED proper monitoring, evaluating, and to be controlled by good agencies that can stop animal abuse, and just needs to be stopped! WE do not need to have these oversized overcrowded factory farms, it is just sick and stupid that they would allow all that over crowding and abuse/neglect to go on!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that so many stupid evil farmers would want to tell me that I am a stupid woman and I am an idiot for speaking out against something so sick that happens to these animals, they're always the first to say: " They are animals B*tch! what the hell do you think they're for?! They're for food! You ruin everything runnin' your damn mouth off!" It makes me so damn mad and upset at these pathetic idiots that allow animal abuse and inhumane conditions to go on! just sick and nasty! so I always speak out about what I believe!

I grew up on a farm, and I still live on a farm, so I am wise about many things that I have heard about in farming, I have learned so much about what goes on in those factory farms and about the terrible nastiness/sadness of veal and foie gras....I have seen animals that have been abused at local cow just upsets me so much! IT needs to STOP! I cry for them!

We have NEVER had any animal cruelty/abuse with our farming at all, we're people who love to be farmers/ranchers...and we love/care for ALL animals..

all the way from the chicken to the horse animal abuse goes on at farms everywhere and this has got to STOP!..A REAL farmer gets up every morning and cares for their animals, feeds/waters them, NEVER stops caring for them and makes sure they are taken proper care of at all times...REAL farmers care! and anyone who chooses to be a farmer has got to make very sure they are able to care for livestock and all animals there at the farm!...They love their work occupation and they don't wake up and want to hurt their animals or neglect them! People who are farmers are very blessed to have that work occupation in life, many people wish for a life on the farm, and the animals to care for, and to live in the country side, with some acres....

you are up early in the morning, and you work all day and go to bed late, you have a lot of work to tend to at all times..makes you very tired, just keep on working....lots of work! but you like it when you are a real farmer.....

Being a farmer is a good occupation in life and making VERY SURE that you take good care of all your animals, your crops, and you are clean, sanitary with your farming, and you work all the time at being a good farmer is the right way to live!


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  1. Very nicely written! I live amongst a lot of farms here in Bavaria and they are normally very environmentally conscious.