Tuesday, May 10, 2016

for the whole world to enjoy.....

I think many times we take for granted all of the things we have available to us and the things we have here to enjoy, make life easier, make life more fun....we don't really think about the small things in life, that much...But we should know how very fortunate we are to have many things in life and appreciate them! Many people in other countries, over seas, they don't have the ability to go have fun and go enjoy a lot of fun things we have here! I think everyone should be able every country, nationality, man, woman, child should have available these nice things! ALL countries need FREEDOM!

Every country suffers depression, upsets, anger, frustration, the people of these countries often have their lives ruined by others because of idiots in their country and idiots from others parts of the world who destroy the beautiful, simple things in life for them to enjoy...they should all be able to have things there that will make them laugh more, have less stress, have peace, enjoy life more....so many countries DO NOT have anything fun to attend or purchase....they need many programs to teach them about certain issues in life, to have structure and be taught the good ways to live life....

they should have available for the people in these countries---
Clean drinking water
good work occupations
good NOT corrupt police/authority
fire/rescue teams
structure in their lives
more safety
NO prostitution
NO bad illicit drugs
NO abuse
END Sex Slavery
END Drug Trade 
attend churches
be able to worship how you wish to
Health care
State of the art Hospitals
Cancer Centers
sanitary cleanliness everywhere
candies, cookies, pastries!!!...Haha!
grocery stores--Save a lot stores would help.
chain stores--grand sized
shopping malls

be taught Agriculture and how to farm--all countries can learn to know all about Farming...the world can grow food, have ability to purchase farming equipment, attend farming teaching instructional programs....anything Agriculture/Farming needs to be in all countries..the coldest and the hottest countries can have some type of farming! this is good for them!

availability to more clothing/shoes
sanitary health items
health care items for all age groups baby to elderly
furniture stores
flowers, shrubs, trees
home d├ęcor stores
Dollar Trees/Dollar Stores---help also..more affordable
Chain restaurants

Responsible People should have a pet in their life and ALWAYS take good care of it! IF you think you can't take care of a pet, DO NOT accept one..or purchase one.

Cleaning items
cooking utensils
affordable party items everywhere--paper goods colorful/themes--like at Dollar Tree!

be able to celebrate Birthdays, religious events, holidays--enjoy all holidays have fun!

Bowling alleys
music--listening, creating, attending music locally..
musical instruments, lessons
recreational halls
nice housing
drug rehabs
mental health clinics
good psychologists
all types of good doctors, nurses, medical staff
swimming pools with lessons
baseball/hockey/football teams and seasons

good enforcement agencies that keep us all safe are needed everywhere, with all people working for them to help keep the world safe!

access to name brand food items, or the off brands...all kinds of items that are unique and good for you...and the ability to enjoy those sweets!...haha.....

Also specialty food items for those who suffer debilitating diseases like Diabetes, wheat gluten issues etc..

good medicines--lots of different brands

all types of stores to work in/shop in...Having some structure to life and having all of these types of ways of life available would probably help with depression, and create work occupations that are good NEVER corrupt and nasty! Everyone in the world should be able to understand one another and not be so quick to hate on someone because of their ideas....

Everyone in the world should be taught respect, have manners, be kinder, care more about themselves and their family/friends....be good people!

We need to END a lot of terrible, sick, nasty things in this world everywhere and learn to be better people before it is too late!...Bringing goodness to all areas all over the world is what we should strive for...Having the ability there in all countries to enjoy life cleanly, affordably, and locally is good! We need to rid the world of this pathetic corruption, sadness, upsets...Be able to laugh more often is what we all need everywhere!..The world has been too corrupt, sad, depressing, angry for far too long!

All the nasty bed hopping/sleeping around that nastiness needs to END!!!..IF you wish to sleep with someone, get to know them for quite a while first, date them, know that they are the one you wish to be with forever, then you can marry them!..Purchase your wedding rings, wear them forever!.stay married, never stray or cheat on them! I think before marriage people need marital counseling...It's just best to NOT sleep around, first be married, then sleep with your spouse ONLY! Remember looks of a person DO NOT matter! Some of those people who are not outwardly beautiful will be best and good to you as a spouse! they will probably take better care of you! and love you more so!

 I have NEVER slept with anyone and I won't until I am married and I will stay with that guy forever!...If I choose to be married...Being single is good too! nothing wrong with that!...I don't care about sleeping around--it's just nasty! I just don't think people should be sleeping around, it causes so many problems, unwanted pregnancies, diseases like Hep C, and Aids...other terrible diseases...very upsetting! Sleeping around/bed hopping can easily ruin your life forever! so stay abstinent until you are married...that's what I am going to keep doing...

Everyone needs something to look forward to in life, the ability to afford items, shop locally, have a work occupation and create goodness everywhere...have a good strong foundation of family/friends that you can trust to always be there for you! we are all meant to enjoy life together, laugh together, care for one another and love one another, and to bring goodness to the world!

show more respect for others and teach your children respect.


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