Monday, May 23, 2016

local town boards....

It stormed a lot last night, the rain is always nice for the garden!

I watched the Marmaduke movie on makes me giggle! is really good...cute!...I enjoy that.

Thinking about local small town and city boards and how we need them for structure for our town...Locally in my old hometown, the people holding those town board occupations are always fighting, won't allow anything new, are biased, nasty, corrupt, lazy, on drugs, and simply don't care about progressing...

I always become angry when I see no one trying to improve the town, all they ever want to do is improve something for that old stupid school I attended!...*eyeroll*..There might be a tree down over main street for years and years and people can't even drive thru town, but oh damn we have got to improve and spend money on that old stupid school...that's so stupid! idiots! that's all they care about...that all needs to change.....

Those on the town board always go all over town behaving like they are really something special, they'll say: " I am on the town board"...thinking it's something special they are on the town board...LOL! I always laugh about that and I think--" Oh yeah you're really something special,*eyeroll* I'd NEVER want anyone to know I was on that shitty town NEVER do anything! they're all so stupid there...

Sure occasionally newer people will move in, BUT it is always the same old crab apples running the town board and holding those occupations....they're all older and just nasty hateful people, who are trying to keep the town from progressing and growing, they wouldn't even allow a restaurant franchise owner to place a new unique restaurant there, and that was about 15 years ago, they told the man that they didn't care about anything he had to offer in THEIR town!.....all of us in high school wanted that franchise...Oh well, we're not old nasty people with small town power!...whatever.

We need to improve our towns and cities, make them progress and grow, NEVER set there like that for 25 years and rule the town like a mean nasty turd-head!...I am sick of how they never allow anyone new on the town boards!...They should make a code for all towns that have rules and regulations about how we need to change out our town board workers and staff every so many years...25 years or more of the same corrupt old crab apple heads needs to end and be worked sick of them all...

Newer people, maybe who have been trained on town board knowledge and are very professional, who know how to run a town, help it to grow, create new businesses, NEVER be biased toward any ethnic group, NEVER set there at town meetings and fight/yell at one another, and NEVER give special privileges to those snobby individuals in town who run over know the "I'm a Big Wheel Advantage , Let me have/run everything, because I am corrupt too!!!" sick of that crap..

Let's make good changes, let's progress into something peaceful, not corrupt, something wonderful, and beautiful..Even if you are small have to strive for better days always...never give up!....Planting flowers, water fountains/sculpture, decorating for seasons, planting trees/shrubs, new street signs....park beautification, pet friendly, adding walking paths, new town lights down main street, wheelchair accessibility, painting...all beautification ideas are needed for towns/cities!

You should be able to have and host groups that are there for the community to inform and to help bring awareness to many different causes...A few that I would appreciate and think are needed everywhere all over the world are:

D.A.R.E.---is a group that is Drug Abuse Resistance Education Anti- drug program for children and we need those in towns/cities everywhere again...going to schools and hosting events for children and adults to bring awareness to fight drugs...

 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH--it needs to be taken up again so we can all fight the corruption and end the crimes in our communities...everyone watches out at all times for illegal activities, and any nasty gang activity, to keep everyone safe and these all need to have good reliable trustworthy police departments backing these and helping out at all times with these groups....we need to always strive for goodness..

We need to establish some type of ASPCA type group in all communities, towns/cities, and in every country all over the world that gets out there and watches over the animals, all animals need to have some type of help so they can be safe from nasty people!....They need to be trustworthy, reliable, good working, tough people who END all of the animals neglect, abuse, and cruelty all over the needs to happen! and these nasty evil human beings who abuse any animal need to be taken down! these would be a good group to have everywhere....create work occupations and help our animals friends!

All towns/cities everywhere should have food pantry and clothing closets available to those in need and they need to be monitored/evaluated and clean at all times..NO CORRUPTION going on....if you can have a GoodWill type store there locally, that way people can afford many more items and save money...

Food and Clothing items can be donated by having food/clothing drives at town board meetings and they can be taken to the town/city pantrys/clothing closets...this will help small towns I think!....just make very sure that NO corrupt activity is taking place....

Many people like to attend and shop at the local garage sales and I think having a weekend every so often that is nothing but town wide garage sales would be nice for everyone to be able to attend and have on your lawn...This can help people find good bargains and be able to afford many more items they need and are searching for.i like garage sales!

The town board needs to vote on hosting a festival or special event/celebration that is unique to the town/city with music, arts and crafts booths, car shows, art shows, cultural events, food vendors--all sanitary/clean/evaluated...Have some kind of fun event every so often and stop being bored!

so many others I can think of....

Mayors needs to be elected by the townspeople, and they don't need to hold that work title for over 6 years even!...Let someone new take the reins and see what they can achieve that is good, and represents your town well....respectful to all....never corrupt..they all need to be evaluated, and monitored.

It is sometimes very easy for corrupt people to get their hands in the towns/cities money "jar" funds and use it for their evil corruptions, by attaining a work occupation within the town boards!...sad but true...they all need to be evaluated/cleaned up!

Voting should go on and fliers can be sent to homes to let people know the town needs to vote on issues, simple or serious issues, let the townspeople vote, even if they have just moved to town, everyone's opinion counts and every voice needs to be allowed to be heard so we can all understand one another and get along in life, go to the town board meetings and attend them regularly, be active and involved in your communities!...BUT never yell or fight at these kind/peaceful and let's chat for a few hours on a Tuesday evening....I always wish for this for my old hometown....maybe someday.....

Having the town board meetings for all of the townspeople and the tax payers is necessary!...Everyone who is there can listen in and see what changes need to be made to their town, what improvements, and how much they will cost the tax payers and the town itself....Finding out what is going on in your community is always necessary for all people of the town to have the chance to be vocal and ask questions or offer their ideas to any issue that is placed on the agenda....You may have an idea that you wish to be talked over with the town board and the townspeople...let us all attend and chat I think!...Everyone in the town has to be involved and active in their community, get out there and make a good difference by caring and attending these town board meetings! ALWAYS be respectful and kind to everyone...just do not start yelling at everyone, listen and then politely give your opinion on something you may disagree with....don't try to stop others from attending and being vocal, let's talk....

Small towns can always lose their charm and become deteriorated, ugly, and corrupt whenever we have nasty corrupt big wheel snobby people running and ruling EVERYTHING! They allow so much nasty to slide on by and be unseen in the background, they allow corruption, and invite nasty others who are corrupt to live in the town there and bring all the drugs, and all the trashy underground with them...I have seen it happen for years in all towns nearby...just pathetic and sick! they ruin beautiful quiet peaceful towns, and take away their beauty and charm and the good caring people have to leave!...Sick of it!!! I hate those nasty people!...all those nasty losers need to get out of town!..

If you get sick of the stupid corruption and big wheels ruling your town, just get out there and fight back, attend all the town meetings and show them we need good people on our town boards!..You may even wish to run for a town board occupation....and make good changes to end all this local evil takeover....get rid of them!

Cities have the same issues I know, and they can all go through the same process of trying to get something good completed and achieved in their city...So much nastiness and corruption needs to leave the world, and we can start in our own communities by making a good difference and trying to attend ALL meetings for our communities, elect good people to be mayors, town board workers...I know so many people have the right to attend these town board meetings and chat, discuss how they think something could work better locally....

Just understand one another, and be serious, but have fun, be friendly and NEVER be a hateful, rude, nasty, disrespectful crab apple to others...NEVER try to rule a don't own it, you're just apart of the townspeople...everyone is...we don't need people owning or ruling a town...we are all apart of a town and we all count!

town boards all need good management, people who are trained about how to run a town or city properly, need to be monitored and evaluated to keep corruption out of their town...we need help here! those hillbillies have ruined everything...we need good trustworthy accountants also!

towns and cities can be great places to live when they are working properly with good trustworthy individuals making good and necessary changes so the towns/cities can keep progressing and growing toward better days....


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