Thursday, May 5, 2016

END Pedophiles and Pedophilia !!!.......

Growing up all my life there has been a sick, nasty pedophile that has creeped all over town, he always sets and drinks coffee at a local café, and watches people, he has always stared at me since I was a little girl, and my family has always told me to stay close by them and AVOID that nasty piece of sh*t!....

Still all these years later, he still sets in all local cafes, businesses and roams to other towns creeping everywhere..He is a sick nasty minded weirdo!..He was saying once a few years ago to everyone that he wanted to paint pictures of them and he would look at you, in his creepy voice talk to you, and then stare at you oddly, look you up and down..analyzing you!..I wanted to kick him in the damn face!....He kept going into the bathrooms at local businesses and doing sick nasty weirdo things...I have also heard that he was taking children to public bathrooms and terribly hurting, molesting them!!!...I have cried about this weirdo still being allowed to live after all this, and the sick nasty minded creep always goes all over everywhere!...

I have always been aware of how sick minded that weirdo has been! and I have watched him...He tried to talk to me once a few years ago and was staring at me the whole time he sipped his coffee...I wanted to take his coffee cup and hit him in the face!!!...I wouldn't talk to him, I just avoided him...he stared at me all the time!!! in the last few years he acts scared of me and looks away...I just glared at him, I have heard about what a sick piece of sh*t he is, and all the terrible awful things he has done to others! It makes me VERY upset and angry to know that he has been allowed to live all these years and those freaky, creepy weirdo people in town just turned their heads and allowed that nasty creep to live and keep on with his sick ways!!!...Corruption, just like always with law enforcement all those years ago, and the people with big money letting that slide by!!!....It makes me sick!!! You were aware it was there, and you hear all the stories from young women, and children about how he molested them or forced himself on them, and you couldn't do anything about it to get help for others, too dangerous! and it made me mad as hell!!!....he should have been took  to hell years ago! all this artist BS is a front for him!

These creepy, nasty, sick minded pieces of sh*t pedophiles NEED to have their heads blown off and be gone to hell where they belong!...AND every sick creeper involved in pedophilia/child sex slave trade and any sex slave trade NEEDS their heads blown off!! Adios Pieces of sh*t!!!.....They're all sick in the damn head and need to be gone from the earth!!!....They molest little kids, teens, young adults who are innocent and ruin their lives, terribly hurt them!...Pedophiles should not be allowed to live, they need to rot in hell!!!

this has never happened to me and I know how very thankful I am it has never happened to me, BUT I know that it has happened to millions of people and their lives have been ruined by pedophile individuals, it is sometimes even sick nasty family members who have done this to them!!! it makes me very upset and angry for these people to have been molested and terribly hurt by these sick nasty creepers! every pedophile/molesters NEED to be gone! would be an honor for me to get rid of them myself!!! I'd like to take that on myself and rid the world of them if I could!!!'s a sick creepy business for nasty freaky weirdos!!!...does not need to be allowed to continue on in our world!!!...

The world will be a much better place someday with all those trashy nasty people gone!!! and the people who they have hurt/molested will feel much better knowing their attackers are gone to hell!....

Everyone always needs to remind their children of pedophiles and when they may try to grab them or touch them or talk nasty to them, yell loudly and kick the pedophiles, kick them in the balls!!! that's what my family told me!!! IF someone you don't know grabs you just hit them, yell loudly, tell your parents, and run!...when you yell loudly it draws attention to you, put up a fight!

Pedophiles often like to creep around events, places of business where children are, schools, and watch children in parking lots, do nasty sick things with themselves, and try to lure children to their vehicles asking innocent questions or offering gifts to them...Tell your children to Stay Away from these creepy weirdos you don't know! Tell your parents what they are asking you, or forcing you to take part in!...then your loved ones can beat their ass! would! tell authorities, law enforcement and take it from there...we have to fight these nasty creepers!

Make your children aware that there are sick nasty minded individuals like this in the world and it goes on in every community! how to put up a fight and how to watch for these creepers in the areas, places of business they may be....they like to creep around the areas and watch children!..Be safe, be aware always!

The sad, disgusting thing is, that many times there are sick nasty worthless piece of sh*t parents involved in letting child sex slavery go on with their children and too many times these pieces of sh*t live too long! They all need their heads blown off too! and gone to rot in hell where they belong! Nasty creepy weirdos! They hurt their children, molest their own children, let others molest their children, and they ALL need their heads blown off!!! Sick in the head pieces of sh*t!!!....I HATE all these nasty damn weirdos!!! they need to have their lives taken from them, instead of just being slapped on the wrist for a child sex slave crime, blow their damn heads off, get rid of 'em!!! they just keep doing this!

I'm so damn sick of hearing about all the child sex slavery, teen sex slavery, and any damn sex slavery in the world! All sick nasty weirdos people involved in this sh*t need their lives taken from them and their damn heads blown off..AND all that sick nasty crap they place on the internet, find out who is placing that on the internet, go after them and blow their damn heads off!!! just like all that sick nasty upsetting things about animals where they use the animals for this same thing, Blow their heads off for all that sick nasty damn sh*t!!!!..I'm sick of it all!!!..they all need to go!

just like that nasty weirdo in town locally, they all need to be gone from the earth down to hell where they belong!!! sick of them!

pathetic excuses for humans!

the world needs to be cleaned up and free of all these nasty weirdos!!!...the world is a better place without pedophiles and pedophilia!!! ALL needs to be gone! the pedophiles all need to be gone along with all that sick nasty sh*t! Adios pieces of sh*t!


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