Sunday, May 22, 2016

church choir, practice, praise bands.....

Choir practice is one of my favorite activities while attending church..I like music and singing....When you are singing at church you are letting your voice give praise to God and that takes a good choir instructor, hymn books, practice, music cds, instruments, musicians.....that's what a church needs...

Many people have musical talent, like to be involved in music and playing instruments, and like to sing! It doesn't matter if you think you cannot sing, Go ahead and sing. God is always happy to hear you sing at church!

TO have a good choir that is on key and knows all the songs up one side and down the other, everyone who attends choir needs to practice with the choir instructor, the musicians, and everyone else in the choir every sunday night OR every Wednesday night after the other church meetings are over...your pastor may wish to take part in choir and attend also...You can have fellowship this way, and enjoy refreshments after choir, chat/talk or just go home....

The youth and the adult groups at church can have choir together and practice their songs is a good way to keep children active in church and they would enjoy singing and the music...they may learn more about music while attending choir, adults may too!

You can sometimes create choir books for the many different songs you have weekly, by purchasing pre-copied legal sheet music, or if legal make copies of music with copy machine and place in ring binders of your color hue choice, or all be the same!..You can sometimes decorate your Choir book you create, with your name and take it with you to church..I have also taken my choir book home with me to study and sing the songs before sunday! change the songs weekly..learn new ones, practice, practice, practice!

Several people should be able to change the sheet music before choir practice weekly...copy and/or replace so make very sure you have your choir books you have created there on those replacement evenings....

Certain special events, holidays, seasonal music specials---Those are fun!...You can have Cantatas which are special music celebrations for holidays and you can practice in newly ordered cantata books or IF you can find some used ones that you can read those work just as well...I have enjoyed taking part in cantatas, and we have invited the whole town to attend and take part in the singing...BUT you have got to keep practicing!..(these are similar to plays, but are just singing)...practice early for celebrations! You can invite other churches in your community to sing with your church (respect all religions) have fun celebrate holidays and meet others in your community...

Many times individuals may have songs they wish to sing or play with instruments at church, and they can practice on their own and perform on their own with accompaniment cds/tapes, or with a musician or two..These are fun to watch and listen to....

People who enjoy playing instruments, may wish to start a praise band and perform their music at church or locally, those are unique to church..they can play special events on sundays or whenever they wish!..Write music, perform music, sing and play a musical instrument of their choice, many times, people can take lessons for singing or learning to play an instrument, there may be someone who can teach you at church...everyone should enjoy music, many people are standoffish about Christian music, and only like the music category they listen to on the radio, but I like to listen to music that is Christian on sundays, sing it, and praise God with it...IF you can play an instrument and/or sing also, go make good use out of your musical talents and perform at church Sundays/Wednesdays, or anytime they need a musician donate your time to help out!

Hymnals should be placed all over the pews so the congregation will sing along and read them....I enjoy the old hymnals for choir, and I also enjoy the new Christian songs on the radio you can learn with music cds(karaoke) at church for the choir to learn.....I like the old standards I think they are easier to learn for new choir/church attendees...

Everyone needs to vote on the songs and enjoy the songs weekly..everyone gets tired of the same old songs every sunday....change it up a bit, IF you all agree! learn new ones if you all agree on that....

Just a few songs I enjoy for sunday:

Blessed Assurance
Old Rugged Cross
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Shall We Gather at the River
Count Your Blessings
Bringing in the Sheaves
His Eye is on the Sparrow
Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus
In the Garden
Jesus Loves Me
I saw the Light
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Keep on the Sunny Side
Amazing Grace
He's Got the Whole World in his Hands
When the Saints Go Marching In
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
When We All get to Heaven
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
Leanin On The Everlasting Arms
Hark the Herald Angels Sing!
Go Tell it On the Mountain
It is Well With My Soul
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
The Great Speckled Bird

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