Thursday, May 12, 2016

upcoming local rodeos....

A favorite summer tradition that I have known about my whole life would be the local rodeos.

I enjoy looking at old rodeo advertisements/promotions, with old graphics, they need to advertise the local rodeos using old west looking fonts too! that tell the time and dates of the rodeos, many times they last several nights locally....they need to promote it weeks in advance and be working on preparing, organizing, and cleaning up the arena, make improvements!
I know they will be starting up local rodeo circuits soon and that many people like attending and participating in the rodeos..Rodeo people travel to many different destinations locally and out of state they travel often, the people who own rodeo stock travel very far often with stock trailers loaded with cattle, horses so they can attend the rodeos...I know they probably have a lot of long driving trips ahead of them soon!

Rodeos NEED to be humane, the rodeo stock all should have shelter from the sun, heat, and have plenty of water, be fed properly...they need to build shade for them, so they can be cooler!...too often I have seen the rodeo stock be way too heated/stressed/hot..They need to have rodeo promoters/ attendees that are kind to the rodeo animals, don't be hitting them, hurting them, or screaming at them!!!..a lot of idiot rodeo hillbillies, drugged up and mean to the animals and everybody..they need to go! kick them out of the rodeo arenas!..i have got so mad about those losers before!!! ..they're all trying to make a dollar any way they can even if it is corrupt!...It's sad that this goes on everywhere and in an American tradition like Rodeo....losers, they ruin everything!

they should have the rodeos late in the evening at sunset, so the rodeo stock and the people attending the rodeo, participating in the rodeo should be cooler and NEVER over can be as hot as 113 degrees here sometimes in late summer and I have been to rodeos when it was that hot, and a lot of people left it was too hot for them, so I think about all the cattle, horses over heating and how stressed they looked....terrible that time I went! it was the local small town rodeo....My Grandma used an umbrella to shield herself from the sun's needs A LOT of work locally at all of the rodeos....local city, and small town rodeos need updated, new ideas of entertainment, and just update it all!

I wish we could go back to decorating the local rodeo arenas with the American Flag and the color hues red, white, and blue...that always looks so nice and clean at the rodeos, draped on fences, gates, entryways,'s traditional!...I know many other countries have rodeos and they could use their own country flags at their rodeos....

Everyone can participate in the rodeo in some way, if you wish to be a rider in the Grand Entry at the beginning of the rodeo you can just go and take your horse that is tame/calm and ride in the Grand Entry they ride around the arena for awhile as the music over the speakers plays and the announcer talks about the night's is fun. 

People who are going to be barrel racing, riding, bullfighting, bull riding, team roping, any of those they need to have their entry fees in early, along with their names/numbers and medical history would be good too I think, I have seen people have heart-attacks while participating in events before, it is very dangerous some of the events and stressful for the participants....You need to train in the area of participation before you enter to would be stupid to go out into the arena and NOT have any clue about what you are participating in....people need to know their horses and know something about what they are competing in!!!

I have always laughed at the silly rodeo clowns at the rodeos, they have fun half-time type shows and they talk on the microphones, some of them are very funny, some of them I know don't need to be rodeo clowns because they haven't like the cowdogs that wear bandanas and perform, they need to be properly taken care of and trained with their owners, they bark and howl, interact with the comedic routine of the clowns sometimes...oh, they're cute! tradition! 

At some rodeos in the past I have attended, they have misting systems up above the stands and the stands are covered from the sun, ALL rodeo stands need to have sturdy well built railing, and stands that will not fall!, along with a shelter overhead, they can attach these water misting systems above to keep the crowds cooler..those are nice!....and we need to have wheelchair ramps/accessibility at all rodeo events so everyone can enjoy the rodeos!

Tickets to the rodeos can be created/printed in something old west style looking graphics/fonts and sold for $5 with the times, days, date on them, and place them for purchase at all local stores, feed stores, and even the western clothing stores....

These informative paper pamphlets could be printed and handed out nightly with information about the rodeo itself, history of the local rodeo, and maybe information about the performers, just who is riding and performing NO private info about the performers..just who is who!...names of the rodeo stock would be good too!..neato old style graphics and fonts for this too!..i like all that old west style rustic stuff..the older looking, the better style...

A week before the rodeo starts they could have raffles and prizes at rodeo auctions and auction off western wear, bridles, spurs, boots, hats, cowboy d├ęcor items, Whiskey/Jack Daniels bottles(to those of proper age), saddles, chaps, anything cowboy/rodeo have an auction at local air-conditioned building---seats, and tables needed!....advertise! 

Sponsors are needed to make money and advertisements for these sponsors can be placed all over the arenas and in the paper handout pamphlets...advertise locally! People can donate to the rodeos also, and this can be known to the attendees...if they wish, some may privately donate.

Advertising on the local country radio stations would be good and invite the radio stations out to the rodeos to talk about the event and promote their radio station, take their radio vans and drive out to the local rodeos to promote them and their own station as well....have for purchase t-shirts with their radio brand and radio dial numbers.....or have silly contests to win their brand items...

The local tv station could drive out as well, have for purchase their own t-shirts, caps, stickers, have funny contests, meet local people and take part too like the radio stations, talk about the rodeos nightly in small towns/cities and help promote them broadcast about the rodeo on the local evening news...

Designate a color hue as the theme for your rodeo! It is always fun to promote the rodeos in a certain color hue and have t-shirts printed up for purchase at the local rodeos, local businesses before the rodeos start!..This is fun and the t-shirts should be in ALL sizes, and printed in old west style graphics, and fonts....something cowboy!....they should cost probably $8-$10 raise money for the events locally....the t-shirts should have the name of the local rodeo and the dates with the graphics. Make it unique! Be Creative! 

You can wear whatever you wish to when you go to a rodeo, but it is traditional to wear boots, jeans, belts, cowboy shirts, cowboy hats, southwest attire, You can purchase the cowboy clothing at any Western Store or to save money for the whole family purchase the clothing at a Western Discount store..purchase weeks ahead of time so you won't have to quickly rush out to the stores and not find any cowboy wear....and be low of money for clothing!......yikes!

Often locally, the first night of the rodeo, they will have catered BBQ meals for a fee that help raise money for causes locally, they may charge $6/a plate with refreshments like Tea, Coke/Soda, Lemonade, Water, Gatorade/PowerAde...and you get to choose what you like for sides with your BBQ meal should all be catered and there at sunset, in a air-conditioned building there near the rodeo arena with plenty of tables and chairs, in the cool building so the meal will not spoil and people can cool off....Catered Chuckwagon meals would be traditional, with beans and cornbreads, potato salad, or even have Indian Tacos one night!...something different and fun for once! The town Fire Departments usually help out with the rodeo and the local EMS is also there incase of injuries, they have involvement in the rodeos and help promote it in towns/cities, and they could help out with fundraisers to help raise awareness and things like that....Health Departments need to evaluate all of these food events...

Sanitary, Air-conditioned Concession stands are always needed at rodeos and people need refreshments, snacks, and paper towels...Things like Chips, Frito pies, hot dogs, hamburgers, loaded baked potatoes with your choice of toppings, candy bars, cookies, pickles, nachos with cheese, chili, peppers, icy popsicles, snow cones, self-serve ice creams would all be good to cool off with, and ice machine would be helpful, we all know we need plenty of ice water on rodeo nights it's always hot outdoors!...plenty of paper cups, paper towels, paper plates, and plastic silverware are always needed!...they need to have some kind of wet paper towel wipes for messy hands in the summer while enjoying a concession stand item.....A rodeo concession stand owner could purchase all of this at a chain store like Sam's and gather food items in bulk....

Advertising all over town/cities for the Rodeo Meals, and Events should be something Cowboy/Native American, Southwest design, they have all kinds of paper party decorations that are rodeo themed a person could laminate and place all over town with a sign(we had an old paper cowboy decoration that leaned on the sign placed in middle of Main Street, I got to help work on the signs, it was fun! it looked like he was telling you where to go with his paper

I know the rodeo itself is very entertaining for the attendees/crowds, and we all know we need good musical talent there to perform at half-time, and sing the National Anthem at the beginning of the rodeo..these performers NEED to audition before they perform, and audition infront of several people who KNOW their music scales and all, so they will know the crowd will enjoy the bands or the singers are GOOD, too many times I have been to local rodeos and people would laugh the singer was so awful, and they were terrible, it just kinda ruins the rodeo when the performing bands/singers are terrible, so that needs to change with auditions weeks in ahead of time for the rodeos, things need to be planned, well organized, evaluated, and more professional at ALL rodeos! weeks in advance.

The Native Americans should be able to have something at the rodeos and they could have Pow-wows a few evenings before the rodeos starts, and have all the concessions, advertisements, and t-shirts, dinners, whatever they want at their pow-wows and invite the public to attend for a fee, that would be good and something different before the rodeo week starts, and have it at the rodeo grounds, set-up arts and crafts goes to their tribe!..that would be nice...I like pow-wows they are fun to watch and very entertaining....they teach about their culture and I know they enjoy performing...

Half-time comedic routines are always fun and entertaining with clowns, puppets, trained animals that are humanely taught/trained and well taken care of...those are needed and enjoyable, just make sure they are very funny..everyone needs to laugh more! the rodeo announcers are always entertaining as well talking to the clowns and being funny over the speakers...all rodeos need properly working sound systems and good announcers with working microphones for the announcer and entertainment....

After the rodeo some nights they could have cowboy dances, with a good band playing...under a ginormous tent with strands of colorful or plain lights draped above properly attached, cooling fans, would be good and maybe a good barn dance with proper flooring...the ground needs to be cement or some kind of flooring you could place to make it proper for dancing!..Take your spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend with you and enjoy the dance!...Advertise and make this colorful with plenty of neato lighting strands or colorful paper lanterns that work properly up above the dancers..Keep it rodeo themed! Refreshments need to be available here and IF drinking, do not over consume alcohol!!! don't start fights, or be a dumb ass!...haha...sadly this happens all the time at's just how that goes, always has...

A lot of bad things can happen in rodeo parking areas...theft, attacks, fights, stupid drugs, too much drinking, and we need plenty of security during the rodeo days...the local police departments and sheriffs can help with security and the rodeo parking areas need proper security lights as well so people can see where they are and who is nearby...maybe even security cameras would be good, this can all be turned off and taken down after the rodeos are over...This could help bring more safety and get rid of a lot of unneeded dangerous riff-raff at the rodeos..

Have fun while attending rodeos and make very sure you know where your kids are at all times it is sometimes very easy to get hurt or even run over in the parking areas!..sadness! keep your kids safe at all times and with you...NEVER let them roam.....all kinds of people attend rodeos and some could be sick minded so watch your self and your first!

can't wait for the upcoming local rodeos! :) 


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