Friday, May 13, 2016

branson, missouri and others....

I was able to dig potatoes yesterday in my garden, I used a spoon like my Grandma always has...I had a good mess of red potatoes, enough for potatoes and gravy today at noon!...My Grandma keeps asking me how the garden is, and I now have a few red potatoes! my favorite...I like to boil them first until they are tender and then make a gravy for them...

The storms and rain have been so nice...I appreciate it clouds! ;)

Locally people are cutting their prairie hay and baling it, round bales mostly, it has taken lot of work for all the farmers to get this done...I know some of my family has been VERY busy cutting, raking,baling, hauling hay!....This hay field out here needs some work too!...Good to have hay put up for winter.....

Stormy still hasn't had her baby yet I keep checking on her daily and she looks like she may soon have her baby, but I guess it just isn't time yet...

I got an advertisement in the mail the other day for Branson, Missouri it was for a theatre there in Branson that has stage theatre they have Christian plays, this one was for the Story of Moses which is also one of my favorite passages in the looks neato! That would be nice to go see for summer vacation also!...

I have been to Branson on vacation and I enjoyed it, there are quite a few attractions there in the area!..Save your money like I did, so you can go if you wish!

SILVER DOLLAR CITY-----This is an attraction that has many things to take part in and go see...They have thrill rides one of them is a water ride, and they have many items to purchase, they also have instructional tours about how to create traditional ways of life....lots of was fun.

This is an area for recreational activity and I have been through this area, it is very nice and there are many things to go take part in that are clean fun! This is where the theatre is...

There are sooooo many music performers, and entertaining shows in Branson, Missouri, you could spend quite a while trying to see most of them, many other stores to look in/shop in, just save your money it can get pricey....

In Springfield to the North of Branson there are many other attractions, businesses, places to stay, I liked the town and enjoyed the places I went to....I liked all of the trees of the pretty!

This is a underground cavern/caves that you can drive through on a small train, you just take a seat and it drives you and many others through the caverns, stalagmite caverns, I thought it was very neato, kind of claustrophobic at first!...haha!...but it was a lot of fun, I also enjoyed the gift shop it was all kinds of stones and items geology--related.

This is a good pizza place to go, I think if a person has kids they would enjoy the games and recreational atmosphere of this restaurant....I played some games too, just for fun!...even though I am not a child I enjoyed that!

This is another restaurant I enjoyed going to, they are located in Ozark, Missouri between Springfield and Branson, they have a good country store style restaurant and they have country homestyle food there, I laugh about how they throw your bread rolls at you!..It is something they do for fun and to make you giggle, they yell out:"Who needs a roll?!" and you raise your hand and a guy with a sanitary gloved hand will throw a bread roll at your table and you catch it!...Haha! it made me giggle, I laughed the whole time at the people who missed their bread rolls and they would hit them in the head, or bounce onto the ground!!! was funny! so that was a good place

Anyways that was a good vacation there for me, just make very sure that you make reservations for cabins, or hotels, motels ahead of time, and you always need to save extra money, because things can be very pricey for you and your friends/family...stay on the highways so you won't be lost, driving between Branson and Springfield isn't difficult it is a very pretty scenic drive...bring along water bottles because it can get very hot there in the summer....restroom stops should be taken when you need to pee you better go then when you see a restroom stop! lots of driving....need plenty of fuel for your vehicle also.


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