Wednesday, May 3, 2017

a glass of tea....

Drinking a nice, icy, cool glass of tea during the very hot weather, is always nice !

I think of so many tea pitchers, that my grandparents have used, just full to the brim with icy cool tea, for many years...

after work in the fields, always cooling to drink a glass of tea ! Drink some tea in a thermos with ice cubes, while driving the tractor.....we always have, cools you down, during the very hot weather, and work....

I always have enjoyed the very pretty tea pitchers, and the grand sized glass tea decanter with spouts to easily pour tea, creates plenty for many people....old timely....

Tea is available in the mixes, just add boiling water to some, place tea packs, interior tea pitcher / decanter, add boiling water, let set, cool, then enjoy, pour into glass, add ice cubes, sugar, fake sugar, or just no sugar....

Stevia, Splenda, Truvia, Sweet n Low, are all nice fake sugars to blend into the tea for sweetness, for those with diabetes....

The plastic containers of already mixed teas, are out there for purchase, some sugar, fruit, decaf, no sugar, whichever you wish to seek and find, lol....these are usually in the refrigeration aisles, most local grocery stores and chain stores.....mixes also have many different kinds to choose from...

These brands I have tried : available in mixes, and some plastic containers already mixed.

Great Value
Red Diamond
Arnold Palmer
Pure Leaf
Crystal Light

They're all nice.

Keep tea, cool in refrigeration, it can spoil...yikes !

I simply like to add a lemon slice to my tea often, and half n half tea is good, not too much sugar, some convenience store teas, from machines, they have way too much sugar !!!...that needs work, a half n half tea would be nice, half sugar, half plain tea....

And peach flavored tea is a fave of mine.

Good for all year ' round....


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