Monday, May 29, 2017

vinegar, many uses...

Going to be cooking outdoors today on the grill, weather permitting so...Today is a national holiday, memorial day, we honor those military, fallen hero's, and other family / friends, by placing flowers onto their graves...

For fallen military we place American flags at their grave sites, to pay tribute to them...patriotic and somber day...

In others news,

I have been thinking about the many uses of vinegar, for pickling + cleaning purposes....

Vinegar is created from corn or apples they say, I enjoy the smell of vinegar, it is very I know !...

Vinegar is very acidic, and cleans well in the kitchen, bath tubs / will clean off soap residue, I clean with it by placing some interior of spray bottles, spray thoroughly, into sinks, counters, shower, bath tubs....let set 10 minutes, then clean off the surface...

I sometimes place 3 / 4 cup into dirty laundry, with my laundry helps clean more so....very acidic, destroys tough messes ! Wash well.

Very affordable, also there is Apple cider vinegar, many uses.

Pickling salt + vinegar are needed for pickling, many items...cauliflower, okra, carrots, asparagus, jalapenos, peppers, cucumbers, beets, eggs, list goes on and on....wash + boil everything you pickle first ya know ! Seal canning jars well, follow instructions !

Brands of vinegar are many :

Always Save
Best Choice
Valu time
Great Value

I often purchase vinegar from both dollar stores and dollar tree....also...very affordable.


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