Tuesday, May 30, 2017

always be kind...

Purchased a set of pens for $ 1. 00 at Dollar tree, called Clipclicks, eight pens, all colorful hues, even a turquoise pen included, very nice to write with !....I enjoy colorful ink pens...nice.

Take5 is the candy bar I found, I thought it was good....sweet and salty, how I like some candy bars....pretzels, caramel, peanut butter, milk chocolate, oh, it is good....New one i found....lol..

Root beer barrels are an old fashion candy I enjoy, found those to save for the next month....people really enjoy those...Root beer barrels are flavorful...

Haha...you know me and the candy talk !...

Thinking about how mean, nasty, nosy, judgemental, belittling, people can be...mostly this is caused from jealousy, I have seen some very upsetting, sad words, ( making fun )or other terrible events happen to innocent others, and myself, due to just pure evil, jealousy, or because someone is just themselves, not taking part in what nasty others think they should be....needs to stop !

People who have handicaps, mental illness, or missing parts of their body, born different, speech problems, weight, different looks, many others, it is just very painful the embarrassment, making fun, trying to intentionally hurt people, either mentally or physically, these nasty people don't wanna leave others alone, bullies, of all ages....it makes me cry + angry to think about all the pain they have caused people who are innocent...not taking part in their nastiness..

Constant making fun, harassment causes mental issues, self hate, suicide, low self esteem, depression, people who are attacking others, don't care how bad they hurt innocent people..they set out to destroy those who are innocent..this needs to end with those nasties !...

I think we should always try to be kind, friendly, polite, helpful, behave, respect others, mind our own business, stop being nosy, stop ridiculing others...so stupid and boring, too many years of this...

just be mean, make fun of those bullies, nasties, weirdos, creepers !....haha ...throw it back in their faces...belittle them, harass them, call them names !....lol..give ' em hell, as they never imagined before...haha !.....they wanna harass, harm innocent others, throw it right back in their faces....lol..

what you do to others, comes back to you ten times worse !....you are evil to others, harass, belittle, intentionally hurt, make fun of innocent others...instantly cursed.

I always say: " go right on a - hole, you wanna mess with this girl ?!!  I will give you hell, like you have never imagined !!! " then the evil nasties all cry like damn brats that they are, because they know then what I am capable of, revenge !

So always think first before you even start to viciously attack someone innocent, you might get hold of somebody just like me, who will tear you up !...then regret ever trying to hurt someone like me.....bwahaha !


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