Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I am tired of :

Trashy nasty people following me around
Accusing, jealousy

People harassing me everywhere I go, imitating people, I don't even know any more, insane family + acquaintances, ya know, people I unfortunately have had to meet in life and despise still...

anyways, I can tell that these aren't the real idiots !.fake people !..they are hateful, nosy, inquire questions, look me up and down, try to look in my purse, look at purchases in the shopping cart, run their mouth off mean and rude !

It is a circus with these idiots, following me, trying to imitate others, I don't even know anymore, never liked me years ago !....I knew that, I just had to play them, so they would go away !

Tired of yelling at night idiots up the road, fakes !, ceiling fan, oscillating fan, deflecting still...cats behaving oddly all night....trying to still meow at ceiling as I am hearing talking softly also, or radio playing....they still try to pee in that room after meowing all night.....

Sick of being way too nice all these years to people who don't get it the first time...annoying ! Never go away, or leave me be !.   I figured them all out, after years of hatefulness and weirdness, all makes sense now !

I am very tired, when I go to town, while driving I feel as I am swimming through noise, deflecting....weird surveillance, or something....exhausting me more...

Understand most everything ya want, still surprised about some things you want me to be informed of, but I also thank you all for keeping me safe, and I love you also...also this goes to the health med staff who have always helped me and my body issues, those who have kept me safe, in hometown + everywhere, love you all !...can't believe it !

Ps mama says thank you also ! Always been scared, in danger, no clue exactly what this was....feel stupid for not knowing about the underground corruption, idiots were into and causing. :(

No upsets about future, fine with it all...ready to work on future, say hello to everyone...( he's cute ) haha !

Glad that you are all good people, rare in my bloodline ! BwaHahaha....

Thanks for everything, unbelievable !

You don't know exactly how tough you are til you put up with these idiots.....haha ! I feel like a drill sergeant, or a damn lieutenant / colonel.....putting up with these losers !

Want ya'll to know that I know it is always ok to be myself, and be a good girl, I will always be just a normal girl, nothing special....I'm still cool...haha...

Love, julie

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