Friday, May 26, 2017

olives + olive oil....

Didn't sleep at all last night...I need peace and quiet.

Thinking about how hot the weather was yesterday, it was quite warm !....the tv said 95 degrees in most will be worse / hotter in a few weeks probably....

With the hotter temps outdoors, I know that now is the time for enjoying a few snacks, that are less sugar, I always have olives as snacks, they are tasty ! Salty !....but you can wash the salt away, if you need to, or have heart issues.... I love olives....

Green pimento or the black olives....need to have pits removed ! Check always for pits / can easily injure your teeth, chomping down on a olive that is not pitted...yikes !...happened to me before...hurts...ruins teeth.

These are in cans or glass jars, but always keep refrigerated in plastic clean food storage if removing from can, glass jars, just keep there, refrigerate...the green pimento olive has the red on the pimento cheese sandwiches also !...good !....keep refrigerated. :)

Different tastes, between green and black olives.

I prefer to place sliced black olives onto pizzas I create, nice ! And create a sandwich you prefer, pin an olive onto the top of your sandwich with a toothpick...old tradition...there is also pimento ham sandwich in is ok...

Brands of olives in cans + jars, black or green are all nice :

Great Value
Best Choice
Always Save
Pearls olives to go !...go in lunch pails / sacks

Find at Dollar stores, Wal-Mart, grocery stores

Olive oil is great for cooking, healthy for your body / has a robust flavor !....nice for Italian cooking, and for creating salad dressings, most available in stores olive oil vinagrette, a fave of mine !

Olive oils are available, most stores, I always enjoy cooking with it, Italian food.

Brands, olive oils out there :

dollar stores brands
Great Value
Filippo berio

I have tried most of these...very nice...all prices, mostly affordable...

I have always enjoyed olives, nice as a snack during hot weather days...


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