Friday, May 5, 2017

home fragrance.....

Candles, wax warmers, wax cubes / tarts...are all very fragrant....these I have purchased many years...the newest wax warmers are simple, easy to use, just place the wax cubes / tarts interior of the wax smelters, plug into the wall outlet, let melt a few hours.....

Never leave unattended, fire hazard ! Very important !

Many scents of all kinds available for purchase in the wax cubes / tarts, these brands are nice: At Wal-Mart, target, dollar stores may have these also...

Wax tarts / cubes

Better Homes and Gardens
Main stays

The wax melters are very colorful, designs, themes, seasonal, I think very nice, affordable, cute ! Are great gifts to give...

Locally there is a brand called Scentsy, and you will find women selling these everywhere, the wax melters, wax tarts + cubes...see these everywhere.....all prices.

Candles are also nice to fragrance your home, office, business, just never leave unattended ! Serious ! Causes house fires, so be very careful with candles, all candles !

Candles are many colorful, many scents, shapes + sizes, available everywhere, I really enjoy the Bakery Scented candles, smell nice as pies, cakes, cookies...

Other candle brands are :

Better Homes and Gardens
Red Shed, tractor supply stores

Find most everywhere !

Fragrancing your home is very nice, some people like me have severe allergies, so only burn scents when needed....

Keep everything clean, smelling wonderful, nobody wants a smelly ol' house, business, or, don't really like candles, some may, but they always laugh about candles scents....haha !

Sometimes near the candles you will find toilet spray called Poo - Pourri, just laugh !....haha, you spray interior of toilet before you go is supposed to be less makes me laugh when I see Poo - Pourri containers.....I giggle about that !....

Keep everything clean, sanitary, smelling better.


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