Friday, May 12, 2017

helping lost, abandoned animals...

Nothing is sadder to me, than finding a lost, neglected, abused animal, that was once someone's pet, or maybe never could find a good forever home, out on the street / roads, wandering homeless....oh, I cry !

I have seen much sadness during my life, because of the evil nasty people on this earth...i am angry, saddened, sick and tired of the upsetting things I have seen, heard about, because of humans, messed up on drugs, and because of all the constant corruption....humans are the most evil, worthless life form, I believe, not all, but most !

If you find or see an abandoned, homeless pet somewhere with no collar, identifying tags, we need to alert animal cops, shelter, animal control, so they can help them !!!...very important ! Never approach the animals, they could be hurt interior, very ill, or have rabies, so call and alert animal cops, tell them where the animal is located.....

If you wish to adopt the pet you see abandoned, let the animal cops know you may wish to adopt the animal as a pet, after it is evaluated, tested, inoculated / treated, spayed, neutered....they will call you, when you may see, or adopt......this is good for everyone, and the pet !!!

We need to have animal cops, animal rescue, shelters, humane societies everywhere, every county, town, city, state, country, region, to help keep pets safe, all pets, and find them forever homes ! Stop all animal cruelty / abuse !!!

Pet foster care is helpful to allow a pet, for adoption to stay at your home, watched, monitored, a few days a week, to help with shelter overcrowding, or maybe you can help the pets find homes that way, by inviting a nice, kind, trustworthy pal, co - worker over to see the pet, they may wish to adopt, then go to shelter, humane society where animal was foster care from, then be adopted....very exciting !

Homeless, abandoned pets are taken to the shelters, rescues, humane societies, evaluated, tested, cleaned, inoculated, then this is the way to find forever homes for them....they need to always go to good, caring, kind, people who will always adore them, and take very good care of them forever, never abuse, neglect, abandon a pet, they are a blessing to your life !

All our pets need to be chipped, have nice comfortable collar, with identifying tags affixed, this helps to keep them safe, and find them when lost, contact animal cops / veterinarian.

I always try to help homeless pets I see, I wish I could adopt them all ! Life is much happier, better I think when you have a forever best friend to always be there for you, during all of life's upsets ! I believe pets change your life, for the better and your life will never be the same again.....they never stop loving you, greeting you happily, and they are far better best friends than some humans !!!

If you don't have a pet, as a part of your family, hey, you are missing all the fun, laughter, and the giggling about fleas, poop + pee, messes !!!...haha !, just giggle ! They create silliness, and comedy for our lives, take wonderful care of your pets !

Many events can be planned to bring awareness about pet abandonment, abuse, neglect, and we always need good social events to take pets to, to show support, and meet others, good social activity....

Fundraiser ideas for helping pet shelters, rescues, animal cops, humane societies, are always needed, prepare, plan, organize well, these events, advertise in shop windows, newspapers, local tv...all can attend, bring pets...

Pet costume contests
Puppy, kitten, or ferret football games, they play !
Pet art events, they can paint, in safe paint, with you
Veterinarian helpful events, low cost spay, neuter
Pet + owner fashion show event, dress alike if possible !
Create pet shows locally, be professional. All win.
Pet groomer events
Pet store raffles, giveaways, parties

Donate any pet foods, cat litter, bedding, pet toys to shelters, humane societies, rescues, or animal feed, money if possible...Donate !

Be very outgoing, friendly, kind, professional while planning, creating, attending pet events, children and pets need to behave always....

Pets need forever homes, they need veterinarian care, and they also need us to always love + take good care of them !

Special needs pets, always need extra special care, time, attention from us, many have missing limbs, eyes, teeth, or have been severely abused....oh, I cry about them....

I believe that maybe pet owners with same health problems, medical issues, would be wonderful for one another, they have been through same trauma....Know how it feels to be the same, and everyone can adopt a pet with special needs, they are beautiful, need love, care, extra special help, this is nice !

Adopt  + help a pet in need of forever homes today !


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