Monday, May 8, 2017

frozen, pre - packaged foods for frying....

Frying foods is something many people like to eat for meals, on the go, working days, no time to cook dinner, just fry and go, prepare with the fryer, or purchase at restaurant....or other store...

I think that Fry Daddy fryers are nice to have for the kitchen...many other brands out there also....

We all need to remember that fried foods aren't healthy, if you have diabetes, health issues, you don't need to over consume fried foods, and I think that all fried foods need to be placed on paper towels after frying them, pat dry to remove excess grease....fried foods cause gallbladder issues, if over consuming also....

After frying foods they need to be kept warm, under warming lights before enjoying, and thrown away after setting many hours, for health codes at stores, restaurants....remember to always change frying oil, grease traps need to be replaced in stores....

I think that canola oil is best for frying at home, they use peanut oil in many stores, to quickly fry foods, keep replacing oil, never let it become stale, nasty to have fried foods in old grease.....many times at fast food, other stores !!! sanitary always....

Many foods can be fried, the ol ' southern way is fry's common....or you can cook some in the oven, like chicken strips, potatoes, tater tots, French fries, breaded steak strips, Bosco cheese sticks - place in microwave....

Foods that I know can be fried in deep fryer that are good are: purchase pre - packaged, follow cooking instructions, fry til golden brown, but to totally prepare well done read instructions on are the foods to be purchased fried, I know of, have enjoyed before: all breaded, seasoned most, are in package this way, ready to fry..

Chicken strips
Potato wedges
Yellow squash
Pop corn chicken
Chicken tenders
Pizza pockets
Mozzarella sticks
Corn fritters
Tater tots
French fries
Fish planks ( many )
Hush puppies ( bread, seasoned, goes with fish )
Breaded shrimp
Onion rings !
Blooming onion, fun, goes with sauces
Corn dogs, + minis
Steak strips, breaded
Fried pickles
Regular fried chicken, or homemade

Many brands of these: available at many stores:

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