Tuesday, January 19, 2016

agricultural tv programming.... different farm store?....

I like to watch any informative, agricultural tv programming that is current and up to date....I Enjoy watching RFDTV/RURALTV, and RIDETV(about horses)so I can learn about all things agriculture, I like to learn the up to date news in the industry and that way I can always be informed of new products that may have recently been created, or learn about new techniques in the industry....I know it is nice for many farmers/ranchers to be able to watch tv programming that is interesting to them, because I know all those old cowboys don't care about nothing but agriculture!...lol...anything else, they are bored with it!

There are many informative agriculture tv programs on these channels and I enjoy watching those whenever I can....I don't watch tv at all usually, but if I do have the tv turned on, I only watch agricultural programming or old western cowboy shows....I don't have any of the extra channels....it's not very affordable when the bill keeps increasing every year!....oh well....I would rather be outside working on something than in the house watching tv!...lol

my grandparents got rid of their satellite dish because they didn't watch it and it was too expensive, (that was before these channels were created)....They have just a plain terrestrial antenna tv and they're happy with that....I just wish that they could watch these agriculture programs, and they were available on their terrestrial antenna!...

I saw online that there is a farm store called Rural King Supply and I like looking at their site...It would be nice to have a farming store like that one closer nearby to this area....I know there are Atwoods stores, and I like them, but they are a good travelling distance....something different!


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