Thursday, January 14, 2016

no - sew fleece blanket, items purchased today....

Today I was able to go to town and shop for a few items...It is supposed to snow this weekend and I had to purchase pet supplies also...I went to the new store locally called is very nice and the worker in the store was very helpful, nice, polite, and informative....I had to purchase dry cat food there because the veterinarian wants my older cat Tigger to have the food for his digestion issues...I can only find it in pet stores so I found it today at PetSense!...I like the store and they have pets for adoption and they had 1 cat there and he was so cute! He had a sign on his pet cage and it said Adopted! yesterday! I am happy he found a new home!

After that I went to Dollar Tree and I purchased a new Animal Rescue coloring book to color with colored pencils or crayons..i like coloring to relieve my stress! helps me....I also purchased 4 flower pens to write with...they are very pretty in pastel colors and glitter!..i may place them in a vase on my dresser they are so pretty...I also purchased farming sticker sets.....

today I purchased 2 prayer candles that were on sale $2/a candle those are for light if the electricity goes off this weekend they are decorated beautifully..unscented!

I went to another local store and I saw that they had fleece to purchase and I remember creating my no-sew fleece is neato that the fleece and all fabrics can be so detailed with pictures and designs on them! very pretty! I created my fleece blanket out of Pooh Bear and Friends it is very colorful and showed a forest scene they were's on my bed right now for warmth...I have always loved Pooh Bear and Friends---all the characters....when I was a baby they were the theme in my nursery! I still like them to this day even though I am older! made my no-sew fleece blanket a few years ago...I love Pooh Bear and Friends and I think they are all so cute!

I like fleece because it is safe and animals are hurt for fleece, at least not that I know about..if so, that is terrible! it is supposed to be safe and humane..

you can find the printed fleece most stores where craft making supplies are, and sometimes it is pricey so I save money when I wish to make the blankets! you need a plain color fleece and a printed fleece for two sides..

just for fun !----here are the instructions for making the no-sew blanket

you will need tape measure to measure, and sewing pins to hold in place, and scissors to cut the fleece to create the blanket.

adult size blanket---58"x72" 2 yards plain color fleece....2 yards printed fleece

Cut selvage edges off sides and straighten cut edges if needed.
Lay plain color fleece on to the top of the printed fleece.Pin down.

Cut a 4inch square from each of the corners.
Cut 3 and 1/2" to 4" lengths every 1/2" to 5/8" along all the edges.
Tie the plain color fleece fringe and the printed fleece fringes you have created together in a square knot(right over left, left over right) Continue tying all fringes.

it is complete!...some people may like to adorn the fringes with colorful beads before tying them...whatever you wish to work with..

you can also purchase the no-sew blanket kits to create..i like creating my own


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