Friday, January 22, 2016

Ouch ! Arthritis.....

Brr ! it has been very cold outside...I have arthritis pain all over, pain in my joints, ribs, lower back and hips...ohhhh it hurts!....I know I sound like my Grandma talking about my arthritis, but it is something that you have in your genes from your family...My Grandparents and my Great-Grandparents all have suffered from RA rheumatoid arthritis and pain, so I unfortunately have it as well.....

More awareness need to be brought to people about how painful and crippling RA can be...I just have always taken Tylenol Arthritis or Motrin(ibuprofen), the doctor started telling me years ago to take Motrin and I did, it helped but also gave me a terrible stomach ulcer, I only got sicker!...So I take just Tylenol for Arthritis, I also take the generic for Tylenol which is works well for me...I just started taking the Tylenol Arthritis for my pain and it helps me with the pain, I take it with a glass of milk for my stomach....

I have had many terrible falls and broken bones, the arthritis ribcage being cracked hurts the worst I think!, my hips are terrible and that's from falling, very painful and the cold weather or the very hot weather affects those arthritis areas of my body, they sometimes will swell some and feel very tight like I cannot move!.sometimes I hurt all over and my toes even hurt..when you hurt like that you learn to appreciate the nice spring days when the weather is perfect!...I have less pain during the spring....

I like to exercise, walking is my favorite and lightweight weight sets work best for me, swimming in my pool really helps me, it feels so much better to swim!

things that I like to help me with the aches and pains are:

Squishy foam pillows---I always sleep with one against my ribcage and it helps relieve the pain.

Topical Pain crèmes---Capzasin, Blue Emu, AsperCreme, IcyHot..I use these often for pain.

Tylenol Arthritis/Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen works well for others(I just can't use it)

In winter I like to use Warming patches---Thermacare

in the summer when I have arthritic swelling I use a Ziploc bag full of ice or a health ice bag.

I like warm blankets in the winter when I hurt, and heating pads.

soft bedding to sleep in at all times, and nice pillows.
nice warm shower, or a very warm bath to soak in until my arthritic pain relaxes

peace and quiet, sleep/rest/naps, no stresses, no worries!

you have to be careful with many of these warming cremes and warming patches when you are diabetic so always remember that!

I know one thing that I really like that has helped me is the hot tub, I do not have one, but it is very helpful for those with aches/pains and terrible arthritis, I would like to have one someday..*dream*dream*dream.....oh would be nice to have one at all times for cold winter days, and nights when I hurt and cannot sleep.....I can dream about it....

one thing I do know is that I love to listen to spa music and soft instrumental music when I have bad painful helps my mind and body alleviates the pain often times, and I can sleep better....I like to go to sleep listening to the spa music every night even when I am not hurting it is very relaxing and calms me.

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  1. I am so sorry you have been in pain lately, my sister also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and I have seen how painful it can be for her. What about investing in an electric blanket for the colder seasons? I do hope you can eventually get your own hot tub so you can relax and relieve the aches and pains.