Saturday, January 23, 2016

small town makeovers.....southwest architecture.....

Part of the charm of a small old town in the rural areas, is the old buildings and structures from the past.....And when there are new businesses in the old buildings they can restore safely it is very unique...BUT often times too many of these old buildings are falling down, neglected, and need to be demolished....These old dilapidated buildings can be very dangerous and also very nasty looking for the town itself....they should remove the dilapidated hazardous old buildings and start over new...

so many people could love life in a small town ya know? there are so many small towns here in the rural areas that people could move to and re-start over, makeover, if they had money and/or time! is much more peaceful in the rural smalltowns and the other small local towns are sometimes 12-30 miles away from one another or closer...I don't think that all the bright lights and noise of the larger cities are for everyone....not for me, but that's just how I am..

I have always loved old small towns, the way they can look, and how each one has it's own charm and look.....Old brick buildings/structures can be saved, only if they are deemed structurally sound by professionals.....It makes me rather bothered by the fact that so many of the local small towns in the rural areas have dried up and pretty much have been left abandoned....So many people could love living in these small towns and starting over new with their lives, and maybe start new businesses...I like that!...cities are too crowded and with all the excitement and constant noise very stressful!

these small towns can be structured by professionals, and new buildings can be built or restored...I see so many old buildings with very old store signs/painted advertisements still there from the past but faded with time...I often wonder just what it was like to go to that business back then and how people lived back then...very interesting...I like historic old buildings like that, old architecture, I have seen some old banks in these old rural towns and the architecture is very old, i don't know how they did that....I like that.

I like looking at adobe houses and the architecture of the's always been a favorite of is something beautiful and I admire the buildings/homes I have pretty! I don't know why Oklahoma can't have adobe homes here and everywhere, we have pretty much the same climate, some people have told me that climate has something to do with adobe homes....who knows?

southwest colors are so beautiful to me, and the southwest architecture goes perfect with those colors....Oklahoma needs a makeover! something different! just think how neato these small towns and rural areas could look near here....I love that idea!...oh well...

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