Saturday, January 30, 2016

bulldozer work, excavation, landscaping, improvements....

Anytime that you can cause changes in something, to improve it, or try to change the look of things, I think it is a welcome event when it makes things much better...

I like for things to be improved and to look much better, I also like for landscapes to look much better....tearing down old dilapidated structures, old trees that look bad, creating terraces, building ponds/lakes, building up the land for creating new structures/homes---all good! when things improve and are good for people...bringing in businesses for work occupations and other good things.

when you demolish old dried up trees and vegetation, plant new trees, and landscape with other beautiful grasses/flowers/flowering plants--bring in some pretty colorful flowers ALWAYS...make things cheerful in those sad places you change. Think of something beautiful and good that makes you smile!

Bulldozer work, and excavation of land for better changes is always something I enjoy watching.....I'd like to learn to drive one!..i think it would be fun!..haha!...I like to watch the arm on the bulldozer that demolishes looks like a dinosaur!.....

Dozing land for events in towns/cities that brings new growth to them and are there for improving lives of people, and to make things look much better or different are always nice...Removing old nasty looking buildings, old homes, old businesses that are empty and useless is always a good way to start making good changes for the future of everyone's lives and towns/cities..

using dozer work and other machinery for creating work for people is something that I think will always be needed in the world...there will always be a need for improving the land, building towns/cities and roads/highways....all good things for making things more prosperous and create growth, work, and better lives...and starting over.

this all brings work for people and when you need to start a new beginning with your life, with a new structure, land improvement, or re-building towns or cities that evil others destroy and ruin, it lets everyone know that you do want to make things better and let those evil people know who have destroyed everything-- structures/towns/cities and businesses, that you will never let them win! will never give up!

when evil people destroy things you never let them win or push you down, you stand right back up and you start over all new.! friends, new life, new buildings, and rebuild everything they have will be better!...never give up.

You start over and repair, rebuild, and improve all things evil people have destroyed or tried to destroy, and making those kind of changes and not having to drive by these sad places that evil ruin has taken place on, will help your mind to be at peace and you will feel much better when those sad areas are gone and new beautiful structures are there in that same place of land...that's how I feel about it anyway!....excavating land, demolition of old nasty areas takes all the bad memories away when these nasty structures and sad events are gone....create something beautiful in that place!

bulldozers, and all machinery that improves and rebuilds is always needed and i like that! Caterpillar and CASE are two kinds of machinery brands i like....i always see them.


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