Wednesday, August 10, 2016

country charm....

I was able to purchase a cantaloupe and a watermelon yesterday at the fruit stand....I know that terrapin turtles enjoy those too!..I saw one yesterday evening by the steps.....they like watermelon and cantaloupes for a snack....they're cute.
I have been seeing many beautiful blue dragonflies flying everywhere!...They're so pretty, I have seen darker blue and a sky blue landed on my shoulder yesterday!....i know that is good! it made me smile.
Something I miss seeing is the Country Charm designs, décor, craft kits, sewing/embroidery designs.

At one time you could find those designs most anywhere when I was younger.

Duck/Goose with Bows/Bonnets
Angels that were country crafted
People with bonnets/dresses old fashioned look
Designs that look rustic
country stars, hearts, bows
sewing/quilting designs
animals with bows, or anything crafty looking
things that look quilted or homemade like above picture
cross-stitch design look to items
gingham checkered designs
old flower patterns/designs

drawn/created in a way that looks crafted/homemade sewn graphics.

I miss all of these!

I miss the wood piece together small crafting kits, you hot glue/wood glue, paint!!! those were always fun..i think they were about $5/a just had to have your own, glue, paint...the notions were included....I remember going to stores and being excited to choose a craft kit to work on when I was younger that was just too fun for me!

Rustic look to country charm items is also something I enjoy, you'll see a country charm star with small tiny berries strands near it, or on it.....that's also something else I enjoy is rustic with country charm.....

There were quilted/crafted angel dolls with buttons sewn on them, looked as though they were sewn together like a the picture above!...cute and country...simpler look to things...there also were dolls that were pieced together like this and they wore bonnets and dresses with hearts, buttons, or a star on them.


ANYTHING that has quilt patterns/designs on it...looks homemade or old fashioned I enjoy it...or anything sewing...I enjoy finding old adornments that are country charm...anything that is quilted is cute, colorful, and fun to have or work on for hobby.....

Quilting is something I think many people enjoy, people like to purchase them locally and have craft shows...that is one of my favorite things to attend...I enjoy them....


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