Thursday, August 18, 2016

target practice, clay target shooting......

I know that I enjoy target practice at home often with guns...It is VERY dangerous so always make sure that your pets and loved ones are not nearby and you have a designated safe area to place targets and to know that when you prepare to load the ammunition into the gun that you have the safety button on at all times when carrying your gun or reloading with shells...always be safe!

Clay target shooting is a fun sport and I know that there are designated area that you can practice this is challenging to hit the clay disks that are thrown into the air by machinery...

wear bright safety vests so others can see you
foam ear plugs or ear protectors
eye safety glasses.
keep pets and loved ones away while you are target practicing
keep safety button on while loading/carrying gun/not using

I enjoy going to local stores and looking for bullets to match my gun to practice with.

It is best to try to go and target practice at a shooting range in a local town or city....I wish we had one closer...

I enjoy shooting at these kinds of bright targets:

target practice is challenging and it is good to keep in practice when you can, just if you can find a good shooting range...staying sober while target practicing is good.....Going with groups of like-minded others to target practice once a week would be good to sharpen your skills...I enjoy it!


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