Tuesday, August 9, 2016

more filth.....

I was able to go to town yesterday and when at the bank this nasty older woman from the local hometown that is gossipy nasty and filthy(knows my nasty family) says: "How is your Grandpa?!" and looks at me to see if I will cry) I'd like to know why her and another nasty skanky b*tch are allowed to work at banks when they are involved in nastiness with my family??!....she just snirled her nose and looked at me!

I know they like to spy in people's money for the hillbilly family and others, and I don't think they need to be working there!!!

I don't think that snobby b*tch from highschool needs to be following me everywhere and then working at the rehab/nursing care facility where my Grandpa has had to stay lately!!!...Those girls all know my nasty family and those girls are evil and nasty, filthy!....I don't think my Grandpa needs to be near them or in their care! they're filthy/evil.

My Grandma's nephew's wife (if you can call her that) she's a filthy b*tch she works there! just all nasty women, into corruption working at these places and that needs to STOP...I know they probably don't even clean up or anything....unsanitary!

I have been seeing a lot of those ol' nasty girls from high school following me everywhere wanting me to look at them or something!!!....weirdos

sick of this!!!

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