Saturday, August 6, 2016

recycle and re-use....

I like to recycle and re-use items that you can still get some use from.

There are many items I like to re-use:

Plastic shopping bags---I use them as trash bags in my small trash bins, and that way I am saving money.

Plastic food container bowls with lids---I know they look silly with a logo/brand on the outside and something else stored or placed into them...We call them Redneck Tupperware!...LOL!..Cool Whip bowls, especially...just any plastic bowl that is sealed good, no tears, doesn't leak, you can re-use and place leftovers in your refrigerator...saves money! recycles!

Metal containers---that have cookies in them, sweets, or whatever---re-use them to store pencils/pens and other items, maybe even crafting can roll and tape them in paper and decorate them to hide the logo/brand!....

Egg cartons---you can clean them good, decorate the outside with paper or paints, sparkles and use them for crafting supplies, even as jewelry holders, OR if you have chickens that lay eggs almost daily you can gather eggs and place them into these...always wash them thoroughly.

tin cans----You can save these and place in a large trash bag and when you drink soda or other refreshments in cans, you just wash the can out after you enjoy it and place into the trash bags everytime you enjoy one, you can recycle it, often I have seen people picking up cans on the roads to save for some money, I know it's not much money, but you can recycle that way!..

Plastic bottle---these often have many different refreshments in them.You can wash and recycle them by taking them to designated plastic bins in local towns/cities...

Scrap metal---many people like to steal scrap metal, junk cars, any strong iron type metal they like to steal without asking, some stupid idiots stole from my pasture old farming equipment, and then they stole a lot of junk iron, old cars from my grandparents pastures at night....these idiots need to be punished!! stealing from old people!.....probably hillbilly kinfolks and their nasty stupid people!..I would have kicked them in the ass if I could have!!!....knocked their blocks off!....Those idiots are always trespassing and prowling for something to steal and sell!!! has went on many years at night we think!

JUST know that you should ALWAYS ask permission first before trying to find scrap metal to resell/recycle....I see a lot of scrap metal, tin cans, junk in the ditches by the roads near here, that would be a good way to keep the roads cleaned up and recycle...maybe make a few dollars.

Just because something looks worn doesn't mean you need to constantly replace it.....get good use out of items, boots, clothing, shoes, cars--if they run, they're still good!....a person doesn't need something new all the time, that gets very expensive/costly!!!...learn to live within your means.

Glass bottle homes-----I know that those glass bottles that you see often with refreshments in them, people have made beautiful homes with the colorful glass bottles or the clear glass bottles..they are very pretty!...they need to be washed first....It recycles that way and more use is brought from the glass's not just lying in a landfill....they can be made into beautiful homes, so always recycle and save those....cement is used..

online there are many pictures of these recycled glass bottle homes....neato! Landfills are nasty! So stay away from those! icky! They are definitely needed everywhere to contain nasty waste...we need them established all over the world..trash is a problem for our earth! that is why I like to recycle and re-use.

Concrete/Cement----can be re-used for drainage ditches by roads, building homes and re-used on roads maybe...broken up pieces can be ground down and re-used...I like this.

Giant rocks/boulders/stones---these can be used for homes, roads, beautification projects also...recycle them.

cleaning up roads to free them of trash is good! and why not clean them up, recycle what you find and maybe make some cash from them at the local scrap metal junkyard, or just to help recycle for our earth.

I am very supportive of the recycling programs bins/containers placed everywhere, and I like the idea of cleaning up our streets, homes, roads, states, countries and cleaning up and taking care of our earth!....Earth Day is a favorite day of mine....

I know there are many other items you can recycle I haven't mentioned here!

So many things can be created from recycled materials, you can turn recycled materials into many surprising items! this is good!



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