Wednesday, December 2, 2015

kitchen wares.....

Kitchen items are something we all need for cooking at home...these are what i like....this is just for fun today!...

silverware, plastic storage holders for silverware in drawers.
plates, saucers, bowls
tea pitchers
juice pitcher
butter dish--with lid 
measuring cups for dry and for liquids
measuring spoons
can openers, hand held or electric
salt and pepper shaker
napkin holder and/or paper towel holders
ketchup/mustard holder bottles
syrup dispenser for pancakes/waffles
spice rack--that turns
cookware--pans with lids.
microwave and microwave safe Tupperware
plastic storage containers for refrigeration.
Refrigerators! and freezers!
rolling pin
aprons---for men and women
food prep gloves--for cleanliness when cooking for others
hand sanitizers
oven mitts
dish wash cloths
dish towels for drying
cutting boards
flour sifter
cake pans---took bake in and to display in with lids
sugar/flour/dry pasta/dry beans canisters
dishwashing machine--wish I had one!
Towel drying wall racks and dish drying racks with dish pans
double sink !
fruit basket
Coffee and cappuccino machine, with coffee carousel rack.
toaster or toaster oven
oven !
stove top !
fryer--for frying food
waffle maker
crepe pan with tools
pizza maker that turns and or just pizza pans
ice cube maker---for making refreshments cooler.
crock pot/slow cooker
baker's rack
electric mixers or handheld mixers
wooden spoons, ladles, slotted spoons, cake serving utensils ice cream scoop
tea strainers, regular strainers-colanders
griddles and grills
baking dishes
deviled egg container
glass pie pans for baking pies
canning jars
bread box, bread making machines
roasters, broilers
pastry blenders
rubber scraper
masher, peelers
tongs for turning, and for spaghetti, for salad prep
food slicer
food saver vacuums that seal foods---for freezing or for refrigerating leftovers for a day or so.
ice cream maker
cotton candy maker
popcorn makers either stand up, or portable--easier.
snow cone makers--for home portable
salad tortilla bowl maker for salads
tortilla warmer
apple corers
tea kettles
casserole dish
chocolate melting sets
molds for candies, cake pan molds
cookie pans
kitchen shears--for opening packages easily and another for trimming foods
vegetable bins--plastic
drawer and shelf liners--plastic peel and stick on or cloth.


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