Thursday, December 24, 2015

peace on earth......stop terrorists / end terrorism......

I can't believe it is Christmas Eve already!....I saw a sign yesterday that said Feliz Navidad! I thought it was cute...Feliz Navidad!

I know many people are traveling out on the roads and by plane to see friends and family for Christmas. Safe travels! Looks as though we may have a bad winter storm on the way, if my blogging stops, it's because of the weather/icicles...I want to make a snowman, maybe I will be able to in a few days...I have items I need for this approaching storm(if it gets here)

I'm thinking about how very important it is to remember why we give gifts and open them on Christmas Day..Because of Jesus and his is like a world wide Birthday party for him..When I open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day...I always say outloud: "Happy Birthday Jesus!" The Wise Men gave Jesus gifts at his birth to honor him, that is why we give gifts on Christmas Day for his celebrate.

I wish for peace on earth everyday, and I know it seems as though it never happens for our world. And it is very upsetting that so much devastation and evilness takes place on our earth. I often think about the Middle East and the sadness and unrest that happens almost daily there in that land.I would like to visit the MiddleEast someday and the Holy Land there where Jesus was born and so many of the passages in the Bible take is a sacred land to all.

Jesus is God's son, and I know that God is upset with all the terrible events that take place in the Middle East, and the whole entire world and all countries, cities, towns, communities. I know he is upset with how drugs and all nasty evil corruption take place all over our world, BUT I know he is pleased that so many people work to make the world a better, safer place and that they want to rid the world of all the nastiness, and corruption...We should all work toward creating peace everyday, everywhere, and always in our own areas.And by working toward ending corruption everywhere all over the world, we can clean up the world of all nastiness/evil....and awful weirdo people.

One thing that I hate and I am sick of is all of the nasty, whiny, bratty, cowardly, evil terrorists and terrorism..That's so damn stupid! They're always stirring up trouble, plotting evil acts, whining around about something all the time when they can't get their ways and bawl around about it, so instead of handling times of anger and disgust with words, they just go blow something up!..idiots...They constantly have to be creating danger or set out to harm happens all over the world all the damn time!..*eyeroll*....They are not strong they are weak cowards and they need to seriously grow a pair of cojones! Bwahaha!!(I know I shouldn't talk like this at CHRISTMAS!).....oh well it is the truth they need to all do that!...LOL!

The terrorists(troublemakers worldwide) need to be kicked in the face and cojones with a good pair of cowboy boots!..Haha!.that would get them!, and then I would rope them with a rope, take another one and tie their nasty butts up!...they all need to be gone, so I don't have to hear about them ever again whining around, and blowing things up, causing constant upset and devastation!...they're some of the most annoying clowns, idiots, and losers!!! all they do is harass, bring danger, harm to others and the world and ruin local HILLBILLIES, they remind me so much of them that I know that all these terrorists/troublemakers all over the world are real true HILLBILLIES!...just like them---evil,  constantly ruining things, whining, and causing danger and upset...annoying losers! they behave like a bunch of bratty snobby babies....stupid adult idiots behaving like spoiled snobby bratty children..all they do is cause chaos.*eyeroll*

they're just like those HILLBILLIES, they work off of intimidating others to get their ways, and make threats all the damn time...they think they are something else important, but nope, just HILLBILLIES in another country, it doesn't matter who someone may be/or how wealthy they may be, or where they are from, when they behave this way that is what they all are trashy, bratty, spoiled, whiny HILLBILLIES!......Bwahahaha! it's the truth....I'm so sick of hearing about them and their stupid sh*t!

I laugh at how stupid they all are!...But terrorists and terrorism need to go! we can bring peace to our earth and make it safer, cleaner, happier, and we can prosper for the good...I always wish for everyone in the world to work toward being a better person and working for the good side, NEVER bad....

anyways, I have family I will see today for Christmas, and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

love, julie

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