Monday, December 7, 2015

stealing, shoplifting, robberies....awful !.....

I wish it would snow for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and Day!!!...I think it is nice to watch the snow fall softly from the sky and I like to make a snowman in the snow on those days....oh well....

Since it is shopping season, i am thinking about the many times i have seen people shoplift at the holidays in the stores.....It has happened many times in stores and in towns/cities...

Robberies and stealing happens not just in stores, but to many homes and neighborhoods...very sad and dangerous!

It even happened to my Grandparents once or twice when I was younger...They had many items stolen from them after someone robbed their home while they were gone.....and then in the last few years lawn care machinery was stolen late at night while they were was so upsetting and scarey!.....It was those hillbilly kinfolks who did that they found out!...figures!

It is VERY upsetting and scarey to me when this all happens to not just my Grandparents but to many others....Many times people are going through bad times or they are on drugs and need money to get high off they will steal, rob, and shoplift items to sell them for money to get high money...It is terrible! and makes me so sad! they need to go to rehab and seek proper medical treatment...

As for shoplifting, stealing, robbery this is something that should NEVER happen anywhere...It is AWFUL! and it upsets me and saddens me, not to mention how scarey that is! Very WRONG to take part in any of this.

I know people don't have much money and there aren't many work occupations, but If you see an item in the store and you wish to have that item and you do not have the money for it, just pass on by the item and wait to purchase the item in the store until you have the money to afford it....I always say that No item is worth spending a lifetime in trouble for or going to jail for...

A few years ago, I saw a man at a grocery store placing a package of meat in his coat and he ran out of the store....I thought that was very sad and it made me cry that he was stealing food from a store....He could always go to the homeless shelter or the mission if he was hungry.....he just shouldn't have been stealing anything even if he was out on the streets starving...that's why we have shelters and missions...he ran from the store...I don't know what happened to him.

I know so many people are suffering, very poor, and they wish to have items or food just like everyone else who can afford things or has a job occupation can...we just are working toward the best we can have in the present situation and there are always ways to just go without items you don't really need rather than shoplift, make robberies, or help for food at shelters/missions...

always remember that you don't have to have everything all the time...just go without...that's what I do!...I'm not materialistic and if I see something I would like, I just walk on by it, try to save money for it, and remember I have bills to pay, groceries to purchase, or medical to save for incase I get sick....nobody really needs all those extra items if you can't afford it.

just like Christmas you don't have to gift the most expensive gift when you cannot afford it!..nobody has a lot of money at the holidays...a gift is any item that you think a person would appreciate, be interested in, and would be nice to gift doesn't matter where it is purchased from or how much it's the thought that matters...when you are kind enough to think of them at Christmas!

stealing, robbery, and shoplifting are very wrong and people need to stop taking part in this....the world is much safer and better when this all is all bad and belongs with other bad things!

ALWAYS think about and remember---cause and effect----

you take part in something bad----it will make bad things to keep happening to you and your surroundings.

You take part in something good---good things keep happening, blessings keep happening, not just for you but for the world!


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