Saturday, December 26, 2015

winter storm.....snowfall?....

I had a nice Christmas, I had gifts...I got clothes.

everyone liked all of the candies we created, and the home!

We fed the cows a few round bales yesterday and we gave them sacks of cubes..i placed their round bales underneath the trees and kind of behind the trees to make a windbreak and coverage from the snow, so the round bales will not be totally covered with snow..there are a few new baby calves, so cute!.....I know they will be just fine, their mothers hide them and they have windbreaks...

I'm so thankful I live in the country, I couldn't stand living in the city!...I'd just hate that, and all the traffic all the time, and slipping all over the frozen iced over roads....I like to stay home away from people....I can enjoy the snow!

sleeping is also something I enjoy when it snows, because it seems as though it is super quiet...and I sleep peacefully.

I am prepared for the winter storm...I have bottled water, snacks, blankets, candles for light, books to read, word search puzzles to work, coloring books/crayolas/colored pencils to use, Tylenol, allergy medicines...the weather radio said the power may go off for I am prepared just incase..

I'm just afraid that my internet receiver may be iced over and break with all the icicles!!!

I want to create a snowman and see the maybe that will happen.

I like to watch all of the snowflakes fall from the sky and land on the windows...every snowflake is different, just like people are different, thank goodness we aren't all just alike! boring would that be?


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