Monday, July 18, 2016

the muppets.....

I know there are many puppets that people create for entertainment, they create the characters, animate the puppets, and create their voices, using their own voice often...There is so much art that goes in to creating a puppet..

I have always enjoyed the Muppets tv shows--they have one on tv now that I watch and enjoy when I have time, it's good!.....and the musical movie they created called Fraggle Rock many years ago, I really liked to watch that one...It is very colorful, creative, musical, and entertaining!

The main Muppet characters I like are:
Miss Piggy
Kermit the Frog
Fozzy the Bear
Rowlf the dog
Animal---he's crazy and wild, he makes me giggle!

I enjoy all of the colorful puppetry that makes the Muppets, and the voices are different and fun.

Musicals with puppets are definitely different than those with humans performing, I enjoy mostly all of the colorful puppets, the whole design of them, that is very artistic...I know a lot of hours must go in to create all of the puppets...I watched the musical Fraggle Rock when I was a child, I even had some of the Mcdonald's restaurant promotional toys that went with the was very bright, colorful and eye-catching!...anything with music naturally gets my attention you know me!

The cartoon Muppet Babies I can remember watching that all the time and then at school the following Monday we would all talk about the episode that we watched on Saturday morning!....Haha! funny!...

fun days back then with these entertaining shows. good memories.


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