Monday, July 11, 2016

my favorite cowboy ways.....

This is just for fun.

Anything that looks torn, used, dusty, old, rustic, vintage, cowboy, I enjoy the looks of it.

Colorful hues of the southwest,
designs of the Native American people--their colorful artwork
Dessert Southwest scenes
Anything Cowboy
Anything with Cows & Horses,
Local Flowers
Vintage Wagon Wheels
Western Artwork
Silver, Copper, and Gold---colors
old mining lanterns
old cattle working tools
old worn ropes
old quilt patterns
beige/tan/gold hues on walls
Barbed wire on rustic cowboy items
rustic stars
initials in old western brand lettering on items you own
western swinging doors/old saloon doors
old whiskey barrels
vintage old wild west-anything
old bottles
country charm/Americana/modern
turquoise/blue added in somewhere
sunsets--painted or real
the clouds in old western paintings--something about that I like.beautiful.

old prints/reproductions of wanted outlaw posters
bandanas western colors
moon & stars
praying cowboy artwork metal or painted
old saddles with rustic artwork on them
cowboy hats
spurs on boots
old blue jeans
anything country store or feed store---lol..
covered wagons
anything rustic gold miner
fool's gold
mountain paintings/pictures
cowboy/prairie antiques
old horseshoes
old western style prints/fonts/writing
rustic lights in rooms

I saw a picture of an ol mexico cantina in the 1920's or 1930's and I liked how old it looked....I would add to that some sparkling lights...I like sparkle added to old/vintage.

anything that looks like a cowboy might have walked out of it, or owned it, I like it....haha!


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