Sunday, July 3, 2016

black cat fireworks....

I went to town yesterday and I saw a Black Cat Firework display at one of the firework tents.

The Black Cat firework is an all time favorite of mine, they are good fireworks to light all together as a whole or light separately....

I enjoy the packaging of the fireworks and the black cat picture design and labeling on the fireworks.

These are an old brand I know, I even enjoyed these whenever I was younger..because they had a black cat on them!..

Now that I have a Black Cat as family/pet, these are very special and everytime I see them I think about Pumpkin Cat!...I like black cat designs on many items for purchase...

These fireworks are usually located in the yellow firework stands..i like that!...a tradition.

I enjoy traditions, old-fashioned, and older brands and labels on these are neato and look older. I like them!


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