Sunday, July 24, 2016

church missionary work.....

In life a person should always want to try and help out others for the good.....

There are always people out there in the world who have life worse than you have it..You may just think you have problems!..But there is always someone in the world somewhere near or far who has things much worse....Always be thankful and appreciate the good things in your life, and if you say "I don't have anything good!", just remember that you have it better than most....

There are so many poor, sick, starving, addicted, homeless, abused, kicked around people all over the world who have very sad lives....And we should always be looking for ways to bring goodness to our world that has been destroyed by terrible, evil, nasty makes me sad to think about all of the devastation and suffering on the earth...

Many people do not have God in their lives and do not know of the goodness there is to find with religion, If a person is not taught about God, they do not know of him and the goodness that comes with knowing HIM....I am a Christian and I know of the many good things that are brought into your life by knowing God and his son Jesus Christ..i respect others ideas on religion....I just talk of what I believe....

Once you bring goodness to the world, it will double and begin to show everywhere!

At church throughout the years, many times I have enjoyed helping out with gathering items for the church missionary expeditions and I have wanted to travel with them to bring goodness I haven't been allowed to because it is sometimes dangerous to leave the country, so I have just helped to gather items, help plan fundraisers, and load up and pack up the items securely....

It makes me feel very accomplished to help others out that way, once you start to help out, you will never want to stop caring about the world...Every little thing that you do like that even in your own small town you make a good difference in the world..

Doctors that are charitable and travel the world to help others..i very much respect them and adore the good work they do!.....Laborers, Builders---they bring much goodness with building and construction while traveling with the church missionary groups....adore them!

Ways that church missionary groups help out in the local areas or in other countries----

Helping to build housing
Build churches
Drill water wells
Build septic tanks, plumbing
bring electricity, maybe air conditioning?
Sanitize/Purify water
Build rehabs, build hospitals, mental health clinics
Dispense and bring medicines
Bring food
Bring sanitary items
Used clothing
Preachers--teaching of goodness
Build businesses for work occupations
Teach about diseases and abstinence, unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation---(people cannot afford too many children that is why so many suffer! no money and too many mouths to feed/care for)
Teach about addictions how nasty they are.
Teach self-esteem, self worth, respect
Teach Manners how to be a lady, how to be a gentleman.
Teach good behaviors

People need to be civilized and that way we can STOP so much abuse, destruction, pain, overpopulation, suffering, addiction, drug dealing, prostitution and being poor.....just all terrible sadness! locally and all over the world, to help our world....

we all need to work for our Lord.
strive to bring goodness & peace!

I wish for all nastiness to end all over the world, maybe someday! I am hopeful....All suffering, abuse, sadness to end everywhere......Bring in the goodness and happiness!

I think people all over the world should be able to live happily and have good work/jobs, stores to shop at, good businesses to bring in money, and items to purchase for themselves, clothing or medicines, food....go to church, have fun events to plan, good social gatherings...just live and breathe Happy!..Laugh more!!! instead of crying or screaming all the time...and stop being sad or angry.

So many people are depressed because of the nastiness in the world or because of evilness that they have witnessed or that has happened to them makes me very upset to see so much ruin and sadness in our world everywhere.....

You can gather used clothing, shoes and donate that to the church missionary groups.

Have fundraisers and donations welcome to purchase hygiene items at the Dollar Tree/Dollar stores.

Medicines that you can purchase like Tylenol, foot creams, bathing washes, toothpastes/brushes, deodorants, bar soaps, shampoos..etc....sanitary napkins, toilet paper..on and on...
Package these items in grand-sized freezer plastic bags every bag has several hygiene items.

ANYTHING used from Goodwill can be donated, even maybe furniture, find old paint to paint homes/walls. used tiles.
RECYCLING building supplies like broken up concrete, rocks, bricks, metal sheeting, metal roofing, lumber that is still good...any building material you can re-use recycle, can be donated to the church missionary building crews and taken over seas/to other countries, or re-used locally here!

I know of so many used items that can be re-used and given to those in poorer areas, whenever you have nothing you are happy with whatever you can have.....One man's trash is another man's treasure, you may not like an item anymore and it can be re-used for goodness, so many people have no clothing, no shoes!!! Dollar Tree items, Garage sale type items, and Goodwill items are good for donating to these poorer areas....old used furniture that is still ok and clean will work also to donate....

Maybe donating old washing machines and dryers to those areas who may be able to have electricity?..Wind Power might be helpful with that! from the ocean or just windy weather...

donating Bibles is one way to help out with church missionary work...Pre-packaging all of the used hygiene items, health items, is good and include a note in their language about Christ and God, and who the items are donated from....

We need to teach them to purify water, and sanitize everything properly, maybe they need to know a cleaning item called Bleach!...and Soap! those too can be donated maybe?

this brings much goodness to the world.

you are a good person when you take part in the church missionary work and constantly try to bring goodness and peace to our earth all over everywhere!



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