Wednesday, July 27, 2016

stomach, digestion medicines......

Everyone has stomach or digestion troubles at some time in life...Whether it be from ulcers, acid reflux, the flu, gallbladder problems, overeating, or just too many spicy, greasy, acidy foods.....You can have stomach pain and have gas that causes pain....

I know it is terribly painful to have any stomach or digestion problems...

There are many medicines that you can purchase (OTC) over the counter to help relieve your problems....

Some medicines that I have tried are:
Pepto Bismol
Phillips Milk of Magnesia
Beano----too keep the toots away!...oops too many beans!....haha!

Plain or vanilla Yogurt, vanilla ice cream, a glass or cup of milk are good to have when you have stomach troubles..this will coat your stomach and help you....they have told me so anyway, and it does help me....when you don't have any of these medicines with you....I know that we all need to enjoy more yogurt often every week...good for your stomach and digestion...I like yogurt!

I often have peptic ulcer problems, and acid reflux....they say it is from stress and worry, but I know I enjoy spicy food items also...pickled peppers, jalapenos, many hot spices...


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