Thursday, July 21, 2016

grey hounds, great danes, and collie dogs....

They say that a dog is man's best friend, and I know that this is very TRUE!...They are there for you to offer comfort and friendship whenever you are feeling sad, depressed, or upset, they are always there when no other human will be...I love dogs! They are so very important in our world, they are best friends, and your family!...Without dogs life would be very sad...I think everyone who is able to have a dog for a pet should think about adopting one! Make very sure that you can afford one, properly take care of one, and know how to love/care about your new family!
I know of all of the different types of dogs there are for adopting....the local animal shelters, humane societies, ASPCA all have many dogs that need forever homes and someone to adopt them....they are your family after adopting and they will always love and care about care/love them too!
I have always had a pet dog throughout my life and they have always been caring, attentive, made me giggle, and helped to make me calm in upsetting times, they lick your face or your arm and I have always taken good care of them.....I love my pets!

ALL types of animals have been rescued from sick nasty abusers..Dogs have been severely hurt and abused...I wish for this to STOP and the sick nasty animal abusers need their heads blown off!...sick of it all with those nasty abusers!...Neglect and Abuse of animals has went on for too long! saddens and upsets me all the time when I hear of it!....Animals should NEVER be abused or neglected! ALWAYS take good care of your pets...look for abuse everywhere and make sure it stops! ALERT authorities.


When I was a small child I had two Grey Hounds named Peetie and Daisy...They looked out for me, and took care of me whenever I was outdoors playing, they were very gentle and sweet!...Grey Hounds enjoy being playful and they like to run like the wind!...I DO NOT think that these dogs should EVER be forced to be in races.Too often I have heard about the abuse and neglect they suffer being forced to be in dog races and they are severely hurt and abandoned..I think Grey Hounds should be allowed to be given to good families and be properly taken care of..Many are available at local shelters and Rescues...I wish to have a few myself in the future when I have extra room/houses for them maybe...they are all different colors, they are tall...very cute, gentle and mild mannered....ADOPT one today! they are good family for you!


I wish to adopt a Great Dane eventually!..I have always wished for one, I know that Marmaduke and Scooby are both this type of dog..I like how gentle, kind, caring they are...They make good family pets when placed with loving/caring families!..Too many times people do not take good care of them and they can be hurt easily because they are so very tall and ginormous!..They are playful, they like to sleep and be lazy, they make messes..i just laugh!...VERY Cute! they make me giggle when I see them..They need lots of food.I want to have a Great Dane also whenever I have the extra space..hopefully.Make one apart of your family today by adopting one! Make very sure you have room at your home for a ginormous dog like this!


Lassie is an old tv show about a Collie dog like this picture.I enjoyed watching the show whenever they have placed the old episodes on tv, I have always liked to watch it...The collie dogs are very gentle, playful, and need plenty of attention, they have long fur and need to be kept clean and brush their fur!...They need proper care and to be with people who will always love them as their family!..They are so funny when they play with other dogs, just make sure they get along and you don't let a grouchy dog near them....Grouchy dogs don't like to play with other dogs and sometimes they can be hateful, so keep the very playful rambunctious dogs away from grouchy dogs!...

There are many types of collies there are also collie dogs like this one in this picture:

This type of collie dog is very playful, friendly, sweet, fuzzy fur, and you need to keep them brushed and well taken care of, these dogs need plenty of attention also, because they become depressed easily I have heard people say...I think they are so cute also!...I think all animals are cute and need to be respected and well taken care of by their families and when they are adopted or rescued they become your family forever! they make me giggle when they are running and playing...

NEVER let anyone hurt your pets, they are apart of your life and your family, they need to be well taken care of, looked out for, think of them everyday and how you need to always treat them kindly, love/care for them always..

Just ALWAYS make sure that you have the time, space, care/love, and are able to afford a pet!

We need to always be sure that we have our pets microchipped, bathed, wormed, vaccinated, and we continue to monitor their health at all times. we need collars that have their names and their owners name with a telephone number printed on the collar, or on a metal type tag placed on the collar...this will help them to find their way home IF they become lost, look out for them properly and they won't become lost!

I believe that having a pet will change your life for the BETTER! I know that having pets makes my life much happier they are a blessing to MY life!


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